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Probate Plus cannot detect a fill and save edition of Adobe Acrobat (even though one is installed)

Problem : Adobe Acrobat (Std / Pro / Approval) sets various registry keys to advertise capabilities to other applications. For one specific service, unless the registry key is readable by all users (not just administrators) then Probate Plus will fail to correctly detect Acrobat. This problem has been seen when running under Citrix Metaframe / PresentationServer products.

Resolution : Use regedit and check that the registry key : " HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Interface\{9B4CD3ED-4981-101B-9CA8-9240CE2738AE} " has full control permissions granted to all users (right click on the GUID entry in the registry and check permissions). If it's just admin and Probate Plus is running under a LUA then Probate Plus can't read the key value to detect full version of Acrobat.

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