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Error 15/0 on starting Probate Plus (HASP not found)

Important: "CloudLM" is our cloud based replacement for now obsolete physical HASP "key/dongle". CloudLM has been available since 2015. The CloudLM pay-as-you-go cloud-based storage system is issued to new customers instead of a HASP. Existing customers using the HASP key can transfer over to CloudLM at no cost. (See more here)

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Error 15/0 simply means Probate Plus could not connect to a HASP key. Probate Plus uses the HASP key to manage licensing and the pay-as-you-go side of the system.

1. Ensure HASP server software is running
If the HASP key is connected directly to your PC you need to make sure that the HASP device driver is installed. In case it isn't you can download it from 

Save the zipped folder to your machine, unzip it and find the file lmsetup.exe and click on it to run it. This will start the process for letting the HASP work properly and also talk to any other machines running Probate Plus on your network.

N.B. If the HASP is connected to a server on your network, ensure the "HASP Server" software is running on the machine that has the HASP connected.

2. Check firewall settings
Another issue may be that a firewall is blocking the HASP. Ensure that your PC has both port 475 UDP and port 475 TCP open. Your IT department will understand what this means.

Windows firewall may automatically blocks ports and it is switched on by default.Simply unblock port 475 in the firewall for your network connection.

3. Check HASP network configuration
You may also need to adapt the HASP to your network. The use of a NETHASP.INI file can change how the HASP behaves to make it work correctly with your network infrastructure (eg HASP server on different subnet).

For instance in a recent support question, the network switches were setup to supress broadcast storms. By default Probate Plus uses broadcast to find out where the HASP server is.

To get the HASP software to work differently you must create a nethasp.ini file. This file is put in the Probate Plus application folder.

Here's an example copy of NETHASP.INI (also see attached to this article) :

; HASP4 Net configuration

NH_TCPIP = Enabled
NH_IPX = Disabled
NH_NETBIOS = Disabled



The line NH_SERVER_ADDR= tells the Probate Plus software to look directly to this server for the HASP licence. This needs to be changed to match the actual IP address on your network.

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