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IHT400 form support

Probate Plus, coupled with our form support pack, can communicate with the IHT400 and supporting schedules depending on the form system you use.

Adobe Acrobat

  • Forms produced by HMRC.
  • As at 21-Apr-2017, the IHT400_Integrated.pdf (where all forms were bundled by HMRC into one long document) is not available and we have been told by HMRC that they don't intend replacing it.
  • Revised version of IHT400.PDF (11-Apr-2017) support is available. Get the latest form filling add-on from the Downloads page of our website 
  • You will need a fill-and-save version of Adobe Acrobat such as Acrobat Standard or Acrobat Professional.

Oyez Legal Forms

  • IHT400(All) form supported.

Laserform (Advanced Legal)

  • IHT400+ form supported.


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