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Installing the Word document pack (PPv4)

Probate Plus can provide you with access to around 180 free Word documents to help you with your daily correspondence to individuals and institutions connected to an estate.

If you haven't already installed this document pack, do the following: 

1. Download the pack from our website by clicking here

2. When prompted, save the document pack to a convenient location on your workstation or shared network (if others would like to use it as well)

3. Open up Probate Plus

4. Go to Options menu - Configure system

5. Go to Files - File locations

6. Browse to find the document folder which you saved earlier

7. Press the 'Save & Close' button

Probate Plus will now automatically go to the Document Pack when you try to open one of the files via the menu Documents - Open MS-Word document

 For help on completing and using the documents, see the article Using the Probate Plus document pack here.

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