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Do you offer remote assistance? Can you show me how to do something? (PPv4)

Remote Assistance

We offer a number of training options, one of which is remote assistance direct to your PC's desktop where we share your PC remotely and work with you to help you through using Probate Plus.

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Other Help Resources

Don't forget that there are lots of Help documents available within this Knowledgebase or within our online help files HERE.  This online manual can also be downloaded in it's entirety from HERE.

Have you also found the Footsteps page within Probate Plus? Click on the Footsteps icon to show the probate assistant pages, as illustrated below.  

The Probate Assistant page provides new users with a step-by-step checklist of areas to work through when dealing with a matter. Clicking on any steps which turn red when you point to them will take you to further help and information, or to the area of the software necessary to carry out that specific action.


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