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I've installed the latest version of Probate Plus but an old version still appears

A possible cause here is that a PC had a version of Probate Plus installed to the <system>\Program Files folder and the operating system was upgraded to a 64bit version of Windows. This upgrade may create a <system>\Program Files (x86) folder for 32bit applications such as Probate Plus. (But remember Probate Plus was already installed to the \Program Files folder - which is now reserved for 64bit applications).

When a revised version of Probate Plus is installed it installs to the <system>\Program Files (x86), however if the desktop shortcut for Probate Plus still points to the <system>\Program Files instance of Probate Plus, the old version will still be run even though a new version of Probate Plus has been installed.

Resolution 1 : After installing latest version of Probate Plus, manually check that the desktop shortcut points to the location of the more modern edition of Probate Plus under <system>\Program Files (x86).

Resolution 2 : Uninstall Probate Plus via Windows Control Panel add/remove programs. Then check that no copies of Probate Plus are present under either Program Files or Program Files (x86) folders.


Notes :

Possible folder locations for Probate Plus :

<system>\Program Files\Law Systems Limited\Probate Plus

<system>\Program Files (x86)\Law Systems Limited\Probate Plus

<system>\Program Files\Sweet and Maxwell\Probate Plus

<system>\Program Files (x86)\Sweet and Maxwell\Probate Plus

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