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How do I save (export) a report rather than print it?

Easy - just preview the report in question.

Once the report preview appears on screen, click the "Save report to file" button at the top of the preview window and choose the location and format you'd like to save the report as.

An export as Word Document (DOC), Excel (XLSX), PDF file (readable by Adobe Acrobat) or HTML "web page" will mean a layout compatible version of the report in the selected format will be saved.

Note that in order for the exported report to attempt to maintain a layout that matches the original Probate Plus "preview" of the report (E.g. with correct page breaks etc.) then any calculations such as column totals in an Excel spreadsheet export are not part of the export process.

However, some export targets such as Excel are not designed to replicate position-accurate placement of text in ways like a word processor (MS-Word) or application such as Adobe Acrobat is capable of (PDF) and may lead to inconsistent results.


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