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Probate Plus v4 - update history

Probate Plus v4

General availability releases (click to go to download section)

NOTE : A new edition of Probate Plus is available (Probate Plus v5).


v4.10.7.772  (23-Mar-2017)

  • Other : Update codesigning certificate to use SHA256 (for installer and main application).
  • Bug : EdPersAccTransaction was not checking for blank beneficiary details rather than prompting for it.
  • Bug : Apostrophe contained in asset category could cause reports reliant on category picker dialog ChosenCategory[] to fail with 7200 error.
  • Bug : Dialog in EdPersAccTrans was using hard-coded currency symbol not Windows CurrencyString.
  • Bug : IHTPaid figure was being added back in twice into the "StillDue" value in estate summary.
  • Licensing : Update PECS order URL to use https://
  • Licensing : Update helpldesk phone number.
  • Licensing : Prevent multiple clicks of "perform update" button in DlgPECSUpdate if connection to LicenceManager is in progress.
  • System : Adjust "DateRangeTo" to better cope with transactions that have been accidentally posted in the future. "ActiveMatter.DateRangeTo"...


v4.10.7.768  (4-Feb-2016)

  • Licensing : If dataset ID not registered to CloudLM account, offer to create email to
  • Licensing : Simplify process where dataset ID not registered to CloudLM account.
  • BUG : HASP communication layer may report ERROR 10 or ERROR 135 when accessing HASP served by licence manager (local HASP unaffected).


v4.10.7.762  (19-Nov-2015)

  • System : Revise restructure function on database initial connection and check encryption etc.
  • Licensing : Implement CloudLM PECS enabled licence manager component.
  • Bug : Remove Application.ProcessMessages from GetUnitsRemaining method of TPPLicenceManager as was causing IDE selection issue.


v4.10.7.757  (12-Jan-2015)

  • Reports : When changing report settings, offer option to preview a report direct from the settings dialog so changes can be examined immediately.
  • Reports : When using "re-run last report", if no report to re-run, default to the balance sheet report.
  • UI : Help..About now allows direct browsing to the APP or DATA folders for Probate Plus.
  • Textlinking system : DOCX documents were not automatically being listed in the "Documents..Open document" file dialog.


v4.10.7.754  (20-Aug-2014)

  • Textlinking system : If auto-update of links enabled, and Word not available, warn user and give option to disable.
  • UI : Added ability to view and sort matters by NI Number field in "File..Open Matter".
  • UI : Set Scaled=False for BrAssistant. Scaling problems on high DPI / zoomed desktops.


  • Internet : Default to use external browser when accessing internet links.
  • Form filling : Revised Acrobat COM "is running" / "is form open" detection routines.
  • Reports : New "big margins" preset report layout.
  • Reports : Asset reports (other than full report) not displaying all assets in a category if some of the category was a mix of estate and non-estate assets.
  • Reports : Notes report - Respect rich-text commands if present such as TAB indents.
  • Reports : Coversheet report - Allow justification of body text and setting indent positions.
  • System settings : Check if full justification and right-align both set and disallow if so.
  • System settings : Prevent report designer having zero sized margins.
  • PECS system : Add quick-link to "buy more units" dialog to auto pop-up and fill the key ID and update ID when ordering online.
  • Textlinking system : MRU list of documents was not triggering an optional automatic document update after open of MS-Word document.
  • Textlinking system : In case MS-Word is available but not visible (IE it's starting up), give it a bit of time to appear when filling doc as "fill after open" being missed on slow-opening MS-Word systems.
  • Textlinking system : Option to enable/disable update of all fields (e.g. FILLIN) after filling MS-Word document?
  • Info and warnings : extra warnings if posting dates detected that lie outside a "reasonable" timeframe (50 years either side of "now" or date of death). E.g. where typo made on entering a date.



  • Minor update to IRIS (Advance Legal) Laserform integration to cope with situations where LFM is closed, reopened and refilled following a form fill. PP would maintain an open COM connection to the old LFM object.



  • Revise MS-Word integration components to correctly create archive copy of doc with links converted to static text with MS-Word 2010 or higher.



  • BUG in asset inital view report not showing some assets if category is a mix of estate and non-estate assets.



  • Report engine : Update engine to v5.02.2.
  • Report engine : add code to detect screen DPI on preview and before exporting to PDF.
  • Report engine : If user sets date of a posting in future, date ranger was only using Now() after first run of a report that is run for multiple beneficiaries.
  • Form filling : list of forms available for Oyez system no longer looks at Oyez MBD file (Win8 64bit issues). 
  • Form filling : upgrades for IRIS Laserform IHT400+ "ring form" system. 
  • Form filling : silent fail on no mapping file found. 
  • Form filling : iterate over open IRIS Laserforms in bundle, ignore unsupported forms. 
  • Form filling : Ability for form filling builder to aggregate fields from various maps into a single map. 
  • Form filling : List of supported forms now shows file location and GUID references. 
  • Form filling : Wrap "fill active Oyez form" method to test for COM server availability. 
  • Form filling : Wizard can check for presence of Acrobat, Oyez and IRIS form engines.



  • Revised logo and splash screen.



  • Minor change to support aggregate queries nested inside IF statements in form filling engine.
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