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Using the Document History Folder (PPv5)


The document history folder is a folder within which sub-folders are created per matter in which to hold any correspondence, documents, forms etc relating to that estate. A path to the main document history folder is set up under 'File...Options…Configure System…File locations' and by browsing to your preferred location to complete the last field on that page.  This folder could be one you have for just your own matters or you could share this folder across your whole firm.

Probate Plus automatically generates a sub-folder for each of your matters. In the illustration below, the sub-folder is named ID#1

To reach documents already saved in your Document history folder (as above), go to 'Documents...Show document history for this matter'.

You can drag and drop other files into this screen as and when you correspond with people connected to this estate. Forms can also be saved here in this way. As well as emails etc.  

i.e. With Outlook open in one window and the PP screen above open beside it, just drag and drop an email from Outlook into the area above and it will add it to the list of files already already there. 

Saving Word documents created with the help of Probate Plus

You can also go to 'Documents...Save copy of active Word document to history folder' if you have used Probate Plus to complete a document and then wish to save it in this matter-specific history folder. Likewise, with forms by going to 'Forms...More...Save copy of active PDF form to history folder'.

You do not have to save documents to this history folder at all. They can of course be filed anywhere on your firm's network. This is just one option where you can save a copy of anything if you'd like to be able to find things more directly from within this area of the software.


See also this article for more advice on saving Word documents created with the help of Probate Plus

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