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Saving Word documents created with the help of Probate Plus (PPv5)

Saving documents – your options

  1. You can save your document wherever you choose or wherever your firm’s filing policy recommends. Such as a folder on your own computer or your firm’s network.

  2. You can also save the document within a folder in Probate Plus itself so that it’s tied into that particular estate and can be easily found by yourself or other users when within that open matter. Just go to menu "Documents...Save copy of active Word document to history folder”

    N.B. the document history folder does first have to be enabled. Do this under 'File...Options...Configure System...Files...File Locations. Fill in your chosen path under '"Central document history folder".

  3. You can save the document with or without the greyed out text links remaining active i.e. with the possibility of being able to re-fill them with different data in the future, in this particular matter or for use in other future matters. 

    Your options regarding the retention or removal of live text links are under the Documents menu as follows: 

    a. “Create copy of active document ready for archiving” – which means PP will copy the document and convert the text links to static text. Allowing you to save the resulting document to the history folder or any other place on your network and leaving the existing template intact 

    b. “Create copy of active document” – which means PP will copy the document as above but leave the text links as active and able to be re-filled again.

    c. “Convert live links to static text” – as per option a) but without creating a copy. Be careful because if you have created a new document based on one of the Probate Plus templates, convert the links to static text and then save it using its original document name you will lose the ability to refill this document in the future on other matters.
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