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The system starts in "evaluation mode" why? (PPv5)

This is normal if you have just installed the system and are indeed evaluating the product.

However, if you have purchased the 'Full' version of the software and have a CloudLM account or a HASP licence manager running on your network or a HASP connected to your workstation and have installed the necessary device drivers you can switch Probate Plus to 'Full mode' by:

  1. Open Probate Plus and select 'File...Per Estate Licensing (PECS)...Registration details'.
  2. Choose between 'Internet PECS CloudLM' or 'HASP licence manager' in the dialog box (depending on your particular setup). Click 'Done'
  3. Close the dialog box and restart Probate Plus. Upon restart, Probate Plus will search for your CloudLM or HASP licence manager and, if found, start in 'Full mode'.



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