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How do I use the Search screen? (PPv5)

Probate Plus Version 5 provides you with more scope to carry out searches across current, or all, estates. It can help in finding text or figures, and will search within the names of matters, diary entries, the address book, data postings and transactions.

Searches can be narrowed down by conditional statements and results can be grouped for further analysis by various fields, such as by matter, date, or probate practitioner.

Results can also be exported out of Probate Plus into another programme such as Microsoft Excel and search filters can be saved for re-use. 

This new area within Probate Plus should be invaluable to all users, including admin support staff and practice managers.

Reach the Search screen via the 'Analysis' tab.


Type in the 'Search for' field. Use % if you would like all postings listed. Then choose from the drop-down 'Type of search' menu and tick or untick the box options to the right of the search panel. Finally click the 'Search' button to run the query. Bear in mind that if you have lots of estates in your database this initial search may take some time. 

Once your results are on screen, you can filter things further by doing any of the following:

1. Clicking on the column headings to re-order the data

2. Choosing from the drop-down menus on the column headings and choosing to show only certain results

3. Dragging a column heading into the grey band above to group results by that column

4. Use the 'Further refine results' option in the lefthand task panel and use the pop-up dialogue box to set further conditional statements.


Filters can then be saved anywhere on your file network for re-use in future if you wish and then re-opened from this screen.

Please note that you can also export your search results into an Excel spreadsheet by using the 'Export this view' option on the 'Analysis' tab.

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