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Using the Probate Plus document pack (PPv5)

Firstly you need to have downloaded our document pack and installed it on your network. This is very easy from the link on our website page here Take a look at this article if you need help with installation.

N.B. Probate Plus will attempt to fill any fields it recognises in an open MS-Word document. You can manually open the document (such as having browsed to it via Windows Explorer), or use the convenient link to the Probate Plus document folder under the Documents tab.

Using one of our bundled documents: 

1. Decide who you want to write to. If they're not in the Probate Plus address book, add them now (under 'Home...Address book...Add an addressee').

2. Say yes when the system asks if you want to 'Write to that addressee now'. If you didn't need to add them, because they were already there, then highlight their name in the address book.

3. With that highlighted then go to the 'Documents' tab and choose 'Open MS-Word document' and browse to the template you wish to use and open it.

4. The document will then open in Word. Text fields within the document will be highlighted to show that Probate Plus can fill those areas with data for you

5. Ask Probate Plus to fill in the information available using 'Documents...Update fields in active Word document'.

6. You can refill the fields as many times as you like. So if you notice there is information missing you can go back to Probate Plus and add that in before choosing 'Update fields in the active Word document' once more. 

7. Make any other manual edits to the other text as required. 

6. Save, print and send (or email) the document to the recipient. Don't forget to save the file with a new name so it doesn't overwrite the original template. 


Click on this article for more advice on your saving options for documents created in Probate Plus.

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