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How does Probate Plus work?

Probate Plus provides you with a place to collect all information relating to your probate administration.

As beneficiary, legatee, asset, income and expense details are added, Probate Plus maintains a self-balancing set of accounts and reports ready for production at any time.

Warnings, to-do and diary items are shown in an easy to understand format.

Documents and forms can be produced as the administration progresses (with text fields dynamically linked into the document if you install the add-ons and have compatible software).

Movements of assets, payments of legacies, receipts of income and such like are entered with Probate Plus constantly calculating and re-calculating beneficiary entitlements. Capital and income is kept separate and cash elements of assets can be comprehensively tracked.

Finally, distributions to beneficiaries are recorded and a set of final accounts is produced.

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