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Probate Plus v5 - update history

Probate Plus v5


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v5.15.11.1216 (31-Dec-2023)

IMPORTANT: Ahead of the release of a new edition of Probate Plus, some code updates have been back-ported to the current release.


Misc changes / updates.

  • Core : Add IsDirWriteable() tests for access to data folder at startup. Also used to enhance various DirectoryExists() function calls.
  • FIX : Where report localisation file being used, TOC report used default report titles not overridden titles.
  • FIX : When exporting report to Word doc format, TsysLinkBuilder.OpenWordDocument wasn't opening a DOT file using ADD() method and could show error message.
  • Optimise : Use a try..except in PPFuncs.AllTables() to fail silently if a table no longer exists in the Components[] array. Occasional AVs reported in bugreports when closing application.



v5.15.11.1209 (18-Jan-2021)

What's new.

  • Documents : (NEW) Overhaul MS-Word document and application connection methods to deal with multiple instances of MS-Word (even when they're hidden instances).
  • Documents : (NEW) Add ability to select the MS-Word document to communicate with when multiple documents are open (e.g. "fill doc" when multiple are open, PP asks "which one?").
  • Documents : (NEW) Option to bring Word to front when PP is used to open a Word document (default = yes).
  • UI : (NEW) Split path and filename in MRU document list under "FILE..Documents" for easier viewing.


Other changes.

  • Documents : Adjust "bring Word to front" method to try to use HWnd of active document window object and call "SetForegroundWindow".
  • FIX : Laserform - where a previously saved LFM (XFD) is re-opened and re-filled, sometimes "save to document history" would not execute. Changed to use ActiveDocument.SaveAs() method rather than CurrentRingFormDocument.SaveAs()
  • FIX : Laserform - add IRISLFM_COMConnected when calling IRISLFMFormsHasActiveDocument() method in case LFM object has not been initialised.
  • FIX : If switching between an active matter and new but un-activated matter, ensure ClearMatterNames() called so that toolbars disable certain elements correctly.
  • FIX : Title of "Dr" was missing from drop-down list in estate matter list browser. Free-typing of the title was possible, however.
  • FIX : Reports - Ensure "left aligned" report items respect left margin position on [estate summary], [estate overview], [accrued income] and [balance sheet] reports when left margin set to small width.
  • FIX : Reports - Distribution Statements report still showed datepaid column even if option to show column had been disabled in report config.

  • Optimise : When first opening main form and last top/left position is used do a sanity check that the form isn't going to be positioned outside the current monitor viewport. If so, open at top-left?



v5.15.11.1206 (30-Jun-2020)

What's new.

  • Forms : (NEW) Add formatting option to strip spaces from output string before sending to form field.
  • Forms : (NEW) Add function to sending a substring of the output string to a form field.

  • Optimise : (NEW) Improve app startup performance to avoid unnecessary DB schema checks when starting application.

  • Reports : (NEW) Customisable report labels - can override the default report static label text by using a localisation file called PPRTPLOC.INI.
  • Reports : (NEW) Optional view report preview screen as two pages side-by-side.
  • Reports : (NEW) "Estate Residue Overview" report with fewer sub totalling / carried / brought down bands. Showing an at-a-glance trail of gross estate -> net estate -> bills -> income -> residue etc.
  • Reports : (NEW) Enable multi-select addition and removal of "to-print" items when building report bundle output bundle.
  • Reports : (NEW) Add option to run reports showing internal ID codes rather than actual content.

  • Search : (NEW) Add result entry to search tool for "matter creation date" (an internal datestamp when matter was added to Probate Plus).

  • UI : (NEW) Improve and simplify layout of PECS info dialog.
  • UI : (NEW) Ensure display of unpaid pecuniary legacies and expenses show in red (if negative) on estate summary.
  • UI : (NEW) Show total of appropriations (assets taken in kind) on dashboard. Also enable drill-down to distribution statement report.
  • UI : (NEW) Update various icons and images to new clearer style.
  • UI : (NEW) Update style of "category chooser" dialog.
  • UI : (NEW) Update style of "report progress" dialog.
  • UI : (NEW) Update style of "event chooser" dialog.
  • UI : (NEW) Improve layout of cash account transfer dialog to give more room to account names.
  • UI : (NEW) Add rapid case-insensitive highlight and search of drop downs in add/edit dialogs (e.g. for cash account selection).

Other changes.

  • Forms : (Internal) Adjust code to deal with form field names that have spaces in them. Support placing field name inside {} brackets.

  • FIX : Investigate Win10 build 1903 AV on close of PP after it unzipped initial installation dataset. Call to zip component "CloseArchive" was missing.
  • FIX : Estate summary view wasn't displaying some hints properly.
  • FIX : If report needing selection of items is chosen but no items available, report hangs? E.g asset inital position report. If category-picking dialog used and no items to select, "no items available to choose" pop-up could take focus and not release it meaning dialog could not be closed.
  • FIX : Check that drop-down lists correctly initialised where cxDBLookupCombo edit used to select linked postings.

  • Licensing : Trim leading / trailing spaces from CloudLM credentials screen just in case user has entered them by accident.

  • Optimise : Streamline pre-filtering of cash account lists when opening add/edit dialogs for better performance when opening dialog.
  • Optimise : Function to calculate estate income value was being called twice when refreshing estate summary view.

  • System : Ensure "FormatAs = PageTitle" set correctly for all reports.
  • System : Add "Attorney" to list of type of "relationship to deceased" in an address book record (only really makes sense for addressees that aren't shared between estates).

  • Reports : If a report uses DlgCategoryChooser but none were chosen, don't bother to run the report.
  • Reports : Category picker tool default to selecting all items when first opened?
  • Reports : Ensure InitReport() sets the relevant title for report page and that all reports don't self-init...

  • UI : Improve warning of inadvertent mix of normal and part realisations of an asset - a better warning on estate info panel and include the base value (holding * item value).
  • UI : Improve wording where PP detects postings where entry paid but no cash a/c correctly selected (or is missing/invalid).



v5.15.11.1191 (28-Jan-2020)

What's new.

* Reports : (NEW) Option to show "DRAFT" watermark on reports.
* Reports : (NEW) Legacy report - Ensure that even a pecuniary legacy with a zero value shows a narrative. E.g. perhaps it's just listed for information purposes?
* Reports : (NEW) Legacy report - Don't display anything in the value columns for zero value pecuniary legacies.
* Reports : (NEW) Legacy report - Don't display [pending payment] for zero value pecuniary legacies (as there's nothing to pay).

* System : (NEW) Add new income type: "Property income distribution".

 * UI : (NEW) Add button to quick-change dashboard layouts direct from task panel.

Other changes.

* FIX : Minor typos in address book dialog.
* FIX : On RptIncomeBreakdown, ensure LinkBand of detail band is set to group footer to ensure group footer doesn't print on it's own after a page break (could cause formatting issues with subsequent bundled reports).
* FIX : On ReportIncome2, revise code to force new group header if report did not automatically generate the new header after previous group footer.
* FIX : If edits were made to a notes screen then application immediately closed via the top-right "X" button, the most recent edits were not saved.

* Forms : Update Oyez TLB to latest version.

* Optimise : On income reports, adjust report code to clear group totalisers before header, and after footer has printed instead of just before group header prints in case group header didn't print.
* Optimise : Streamline application startup and prompts where exclusive database access required (such as when carrying out database update).
* Optimise : Check why extra text of asset category ignored when length set to more than 40 characters when field is 160 in helper table.

* Reports : Legacy report - trim leading spaces from specific gift narrative text if any present.

* UI : DB config dialog doesn't need to show a licensed user count when in LOCAL DB mode (there is no value in LOCAL "peer-to-peer" database mode).
* UI : Simplify wording on database connection dialog.
* UI : Update URL to "" for certain contact tasks.
* UI : Adjust drop-down of asset tax category to allow case-insensitive searching and highlighting of matched text.


v5.15.11.1184 (19-Jul-2019)

What's new.

* Reports : (NEW) Change "FILE..Open matter" dialog to use a ComponentPrinter in order to reflect the currently chosen layout / filters / structure of the grid view of matters.
* Reports : (NEW) Total of assets purchased during administration (if present in estate) also shown at bottom of Estate Capital Account Summary report as well as embedded in the narratives of relevant assets on the assets summary report.

* Search : (NEW) Add search results for the address record ID of executor/administrators.
* Search : (NEW) Add new quick-search action for all basic matter info.

* UI : (NEW) Enable search-as-you-type across ALL columns in the Open Matter and Addressbook dialogs.
* UI : (NEW) Add test (and warning notification) for where ownership status is not set on an asset.
* UI : (NEW) Improve clarity and display of info and warnings panel on the dashboard (using a cxGrid with grouped sections rather than a RzListView).

Other changes.

* FIX : Use flag to trap where user tries to close an in-progress report preview before the preview has completed (e.g. where printer fails or is very slow to respond) which may result in an Access Violation error.
* FIX : Correct typo in confirmation message after activating a matter (word "unit" was duplicated).

* Forms : Rework text-modifiers to add post-processing of output text fields to support CRLF in memos. E.g. the first words / last words functions.

* Optimise : Adjust DB connection dialog to not query data folder every time a character is typed into a UNC path but on exit of edConnectPath instead.

* UI : Tweak "quick find" behaviour in Open Matter dialog so the search-as-you-type text isn't retained as a filter when the dialog is closed.

v5.15.11.1179 (29-May-2019)

What's new.

* Forms : (NEW) Add more options to modify the output field e.g. get "first word" from a string of words and also allow multiple modifiers. e.g. uppercase, firstword, lastword etc.

Other changes.

* FIX : Increase the amount of space allocated to firm's name and address on coversheet page as was too small for extra-long addresses.


v5.15.11.1178 (14-May-2019)

What's new.

* Licensing : (NEW) Implement storage of CloudLM username and password credentials to the Windows Credentials Manager to avoid prompts for credentials. Also new option to show the credentials dialog for editing.
* Licensing : (NEW) Improve error message handling from CloudLM for login failures.

* Reports : (NEW) Remove unwanted blank space between firm's name and address on coversheet page.
* Reports : (NEW) Allow custom formatting and wording of the "who died on" section on coversheet page and in page header sections (if enabled).
* Reports : (NEW) Add "MaxBreakChars" setting to report config options to allow tuning of how aggressive full-justify of text is applied across a report page.
* Reports : (NEW) Ensure extra asset description (if used) is appended to description of an asset taken in kind on distribution statement report.

* UI : (NEW) Remember any filter / sorting applied to DlgOpenMatter. The "FILE..Open a matter" screen layout is preserved for next time PP is opened.

Other changes.

* FIX : BrCashAccount - TcxGrid counting selected records when only one record present and in a closed group caused an AV.
* FIX : BrCashAccount wasn't updating FROM/TO transfer "quick actions" when selecting a grouped single account.
* FIX : BrCashAccount "transfer" actions not showing when 1 account selected in a sub-grouped view of account names. Also check how action worked when only one cash tracker in the group.
* FIX : On income breakdown summary if 1st income posting is in 2nd "year" of tax year (I.E. start and end years appear the same) then decrement start year by 1.
* FIX : "Full justify" of coversheet text not working in some circumstances. Increased MaxBreakCharacters to 10.
* FIX : On distribution statements report, if the asset description for assets taken in kind was very long it failed to correctly word-wrap.

* Optimise : Don't default to keeping Word document "file open dialog" open after opening a document (can be adjusted in settings).
* Optimise : Improve startup detection of missing data files from data folder and give user option to create any missing files.
* Optimise : Remove un-necessary MgtCheck() code from licence manager ADS utility functions, use built-in ADS stored procedures instead.
* Optimise : BrCashAccounts - Use flag to show that PPCalculations/recalc is in progress and don't respond to changes until the refresh is complete.

* System : Where an asset is created and set as "Joint Tenants" ownership, don't prompt user to create a cash tracking account etc.



v5.15.11.1169 (28-Jan-2019)

What's new.

* Core : (NEW) Add ability to select dataset connection path via command line switch so can be pre-set from a shortcut or command line launch. E.g. /ConnectDBPath "<path to data>"
* Core : (NEW) Show connection data folder path on splashscreen at startup.

* Documents : (NEW) Add text link for beneficiary entitlement share percentage.
* Documents : (NEW) Add text link for beneficiary capital share value.

* Optimise : (NEW) Amend ConnectedAddressees browser to improve speed and also show addressees used in an estate even if they're one-off entries and not part of the global address book.

* Search : (NEW) Add extra classification wording to distinguish liabilities that are marked as funeral expenses to help when grouping and exporting a view.

* System : (NEW) Overhaul addressee setup dialog to allow one-off addressee names by "ignoring" saving to central address book.
* System : (NEW) Add system setting option to enable/disable check of addressee in address book. E.g. where you want a basic pre-set central address book but also allow one-off addressees.
* System : (NEW) When adding an asset, if a cash account is created then build name of account from main and extra description of asset (if present).
* System : (NEW) Asset browser shows any extra description (if used) appended to the main asset description.
* System : (NEW) Add quick-find box to dialog used to help rapidly select a source posting (e.g. for income, realisations, linked expenses etc).

* System : (NEW) Address book edit dialog allows custom list of salutations in place of the pre-set list if document pack folder contains an override file called PPSALUTN.TXT.
* System : (NEW) Move "Extra description" field of asset edit dialog to first page.

Other changes.

* Core : Switch from TDBCombo to TcxDBCombo in EdAddrBk.
* Core : Add Narrative2 and Narrative_Full fields to the TAssetInfo record.
* Core : Ensure RunGetAssetQuery() returns extra info/narratives (if present), appended to main asset narrative and use relevant sections of TAssetInfo type.
* Core : Adjust RunGetAssetQuery() to set asset narrative to main asset category in TAssetInfo if no narratives are present.

* FIX : Couldn't manually type a custom title for the deceased in WizEstateSetup.
* FIX : DXTown field length was set too short in addressee editor. Extended to correct length.
* FIX : Correct typo " you want to this..." when changing default printer.
* FIX : Disable option to minimise toolbar in search window as it couldn't be restored without restarting application.
* FIX : Search window toolbar was accidentally set to invisible by textLinkBuilder process of hiding MainForm.
* FIX : When trying to override the default "our firm" entry on a per-user basis, couldn't select an addressee from the drop-down list in system settings dialog.
* FIX : Couldn't select a linked addressee in the drop-down box when adding/editing a cash tracking account.
* FIX : Ensure DlgChooseEvent parent is set to fNone if Cancel button is clicked.
* FIX : Repeatedly choosing a new source asset from EdAssetIncome dialog appended multiple asset narratives to dialog caption.
* FIX : Couldn't delete a blank address book entry.
* FIX : Ensure addressees name is returned by GetAddresseeDetails() function even if no entry for addressee is in global address book. (e.g. for one off addressee names).
* FIX : Category chooser dialogs could be hidden off-screen when called from text link builder. Set dialogs to appear at screen centre instead.

* Optimise : Adjust form filling engine to only use Laserform TLB for older compiler versions (XE) by using conditional define block.

* System : Where applicable, update asset narratives to show extra/info description (TAssetInfo.Narrative_Full) if used as well. (E.g. PPDlgChooseEvent when choosing asset from a pop-up list dialog).

v5.15.11.1158 (3-Oct-2018)

What's new.

* Documents : (NEW) Add dedicated text-link for "Our firms DX town".
* Documents : (NEW) Add dedicated text-link for "Our firms DX number".
* Documents : (NEW) Add dedicated text-link for "Our firms postcode".
* Documents : (NEW) Where a text description has linebreak (CRLF) characters, add option to convert to strip them out when sending description to form or doc field? (E.g. user has used #13# macro to add a CRLF to a description to enable columnar layout of a narrative in reports.

* Forms : (NEW) Option to export the form mapping builder results as an "audit trail" for how figures/text that is sent to a given form was arrived at.

* Reports : (NEW) Add option to hide "who died on...<date>" header section on coversheet report.

* System : (NEW) Auto-distribute assistant: add option to split a distribution based on the relative "remaining balance" ratio of res bens as well as regular "entitlement" ratios.
* System : (NEW) Auto-distribute assistant: add option to set the distribution DATE and DESCRIPTION for the auto-generated postings.
* System : (NEW) Ensure filtering is enabled for various columns in expenses browsers (date, date paid, narrative etc).
* System : (NEW) Add support for "text-macros" to add ASCII codes into asset descriptions. E.g. #13# in a description will be optionally replaced by ASCII CR+LF meaning description can be aligned as a column (useful for addresses).
* System : (NEW) Clarify and simplify setup of cash trackers when adding assets to an estate.
* System : (NEW) Add yes/no test where posting is marked as reconciled in MainForm.OpenEditorForPosting() and BrCashBrowser. Warn user and give option to continue editing anyway.
* System : (NEW) Show number of days elapsed since death date (if entered) on estate info panel.

* UI : (NEW) Add hint to liability editor that if bill date is prior to grant date, then the original bill value is locked for editing. A different "paid value" can always be recorded, however, e.g. if the initial bill value was estimated.
* UI : (NEW) Overhaul auto-distribute assistant.
* UI : (NEW) Add switch to system settings to optionally better utilise widescreen monitors.
* UI : (NEW) Improve estate summary headings visibility.
* UI : Hourglass cursor on PPFormPanel refresh events wasn't being used.
* UI : (NEW) Update/simplify some icons with modern versions, improve readability, improve relevance. (E.g. address book, connected addressees, dashboard).
* UI : (NEW) In the asset browser, show the cash tracker account name associated with asset transactions (e.g. realised into "client a/c"). 
* UI : (NEW) Revise WizYesNo dialog box with ability to display either text or a large descriptive image.

Other changes.

* FIX : Search results for tax allocations were not displaying the actual paid value.
* FIX : Options page for IHT sub-system couldn't be selected from settings dialog.
* FIX : When running analysis charts for specific fee earner (rather than all), name of first selected fee earner didn't appear on chart title.
* FIX : Repeat-postings assistant where more than 12 postings to be created asked a duplicate "are you sure you wish to proceed?" question.
* FIX : In some circumstances, importing of registry settings from a previous Probate Plus version failed. Moved code to import registry settings earlier in application startup sequence.
* FIX : First res ben listed in inMemResBenTable and InfoTable were not set the same so under certain circumstances EvalResBenSharesAndStoreToDataSet() meant on-screen display of balancing penny could differ from one in report.
* FIX : Edit dialog for expenses (admin or liabilities) was showing all saved descriptions from helper lookup table (should have been filtering in OnInitPopup to only show admin/liab expense descriptions).
* FIX : Correct proper-case-typo when Estate Setup Wizard being used to add details of deceased residence. Was trying to use category of "Freehold property" rather than "Freehold Property".
* FIX : If IHT payment record is first browser to be opened, a long delay / hang occurred when initialising the OnActivate method.
* FIX : If a specific legacy is recorded with no quantity and no value, an EVariantTypeCastError was raised on attempting to open matter by PPCurrentMatter.DoEstateValueCalculations.
* FIX : If apostrophe present in addressee uniquename field AND user tried to set as "OurFirm" then "7200 error: unexpected tokens" was triggered.
* FIX : Drag-drop of mail items or attachments from Outlook to PP doc history folder didn't work properly (although saving mail item to desktop then dragging to doc history folder was fine). Set to default to copy items to the PP doc history folder ShellListView control.
* FIX : After edit of an asset the asset screen sidebar and actions didn't always automatically refresh as browser was using cached copy of pre-edited asset if caching enabled and long cache timeout. Use non-cached version of GetAssetDetails() instead where applicable.
* FIX : When trying to link an addressee to a cash tracker account the drop-down list of addressees wasn't being populated (manual entry of the addressee still worked however).
* FIX : Where an addressee has been used but then subsequently removed from the address book, ensure transactions show with the original addressee unique name as a placeholder rather than a blank entry.
* FIX : If diary or address book reports are already in progress or on-screen, warn user if they try to run another report and preview it.
* FIX : If "Clear fields in active PDF" clicked but no PDF open, ensure warning appears rather than error message.
* FIX : If "Save copy of active doc to history folder" clicked but no Word doc is open, don't try to save a non-existent document to the history folder!
* FIX : If you try and "View report as Word DOC" from a demo matter, PP says you can’t but then opened a blank doc in Word anyway.
* FIX : When refreshing estate info screen, estate summary parent set to wrong panel during update then correct panel at end.
* FIX : When adding a new matter via setup wizard and res ben screen open and showing previous matter details, screen wasn't refreshed until after setup wizard had finished due to prompt to add RBs to new matter...
* FIX : Move "BrReportPreview.ShowingPreview := False" to last part of closing print preview form.

* Internet : Update PECS ordering URL to use https://
* Internet : Update version checking URL to use https://
* Internet : Update quick links on HELP tab to various support websites to use https://

* Optimise : Ensure ProcessReportRequest() is locked when a report is in progress. Also, tell user if a report is in progress but hidden from view.
* Optimise : Update sidebar component to better support transparent icons.
* Optimise : Where windows default printer has never been set (or doesn't exist), offer more assistance to user on how to resolve.
* Optimise : Check relevance of Application.ProcessMessages calls in main application as well as supporting components (remove calls where applicable).
* Optimise : Removed duplicated internal icons and glyphs.
* Optimise : Improve how PP calculates the realised or appropriated value for a "qty / item value" calculation that results in a 1/2p figure remainder for rounding. Use SimpleRoundTo() function where applicable.
* Optimise : Create document history folder form BrDocumentArchive on demand and only if a folder path is supplied.
* Optimise : Ensure if date ranging not enabled, apply a full from/to date range (to cover all postings) in PPCurrentMatter.DoEstateValueCalculations() method.
* Optimise : Form filling - if a valid map file is not found, don't try to run any queries, just move on to next supported form (if processing a bundle of forms).
* Optimise : Eliminate redundant MessageBeep(1000) after filling form - was slowing down filling of bundled forms.
* Optimise : Add simple tests and warnings for out-of-expected-range values (e.g. accidentally entered massive posting value).

* UI : Amend text link builder window to use Screen.WorkAreaHeight (could be obscured by Windows task panel in some cases).
* UI : Overhaul interface of text link builder.
* UI : Reduce wasted space on estate summary view.

v5.15.11.1140 (2-Feb-2018)

What's new.

* Dev : (NEW) Upgrade DevExpress core components to build v17.2.3.
* Dev : (NEW) Upgrade madExcept handler to v4.0.19.

* Documents : (NEW) When using "Open MS-Word document" command from PP ribbon, remember last opened folder and return there when opening again and allow multi-select of documents to open.
* Documents : (NEW) When using "Open MS-Word document" optionally allow file-open dialog to stay open until explicitly closed (e.g. for easier repeat opening of documents).

* Management : (NEW) Option to trigger a simple email notification when a unit is used up? E.g. Create email to notify accounts dept a unit has been used?

* Reports : (NEW) Ability to convert any report into a MS-Word document without having to first export the report to a file (E.g. for saving into a document management system).
* Reports : (NEW) Option to render any report direct to MS-Word when "print" selected in report preview if MS-Word selected as the print processor in system setup.

* UI : (NEW) "Agenda view" available for diary entries. 

Other changes.

* Documents : Remove duplicate question to open exported report as already set by option in system settings.
* FIX : Access violation when cancelling the date-picker dialog as part of running a date-ranged search.
* FIX : Double-click editing of diary/reminder could result in the edit dialog reappearing on saving the edited posting.

* Optimise : Improve performance of search function by up to 25x, especially where many results are returned for a search term.

* Search : Ensure diary entries are filtered by date ranged searches (if a date range is applied).
* Search : In some circumstances, when editing postings direct from search results, the posting target matter ref was not respected.

* UI : Tidy tasks/actions in the search screen. Remove duplicates, simplify task panel items.
* UI : Don't enable "save to history folder" button in report preview if there's no path to history folder in system settings.
* UI : If known file type in backstage view recent files listings, show the relevant Windows file icon rather than a generic one.
* UI : Ensure icon size in asset browser is respected (large/small).
* UI : Ensure edit/delete tasks for diary entries appear correctly in BrEstateInfo popup menu.


v5.15.11.1131 (22-Nov-2017)

* Documents : (NEW) When using "Open MS-Word document" command with a DOT or DOTX file, a new Word document is created from template using msword.Documents.Add() rather than opening the original file.
* Documents : Support display of .DOTX files to "Open MS-Word document" dialog.
* Documents : Change document history folder browser to use cxShellListView control.

* Forms : (NEW) Support opening and re-filling of previously saved Laserform documents (either single or ring "bundle" forms).
* Forms : Rework code to detect forms that are present in an active Laserform form bundle. Interrogate the XFR to lookup form names.
* Forms : (NEW) Add save-to-history-folder option for OyezLegalForm & Laserform documents.
* Forms : (NEW) Include filtering of XFD (Laserform saved forms) in document history folder for "forms" documents view.
* Forms : (NEW) Add ability to store recent Laserforms (XFD) to MRU list and open depending on form type.
* Forms : (NEW) Add drag-drop support of saved Laserform (XFD) documents onto the PP ribbon control in order to re-open the document.

* Optimise : Improve performance of misc info/counting routines in PPCurrentMatter.
* Optimise : Improve performance of "connected addressees" browser where display of how addressee is connected is selected.
* Optimise : Work on improving speed of address book operations (especially lookup).
* Optimise : Fix invalid pointer operation on closing application. (Was a free of already freed query object in PPCurrentMatter).

* Reports : (NEW) Add option to allow export of a report to the document history folder.

* Search : (NEW) Default action of double-click in search results tries to edit the selected posting. If direct editing not supported, you can jump to the list of postings instead.

* UI : Tidy wording of setup screen for text linking options.
* UI : Ensure address book browser holds position on-screen if possible after editing a record...
* UI : (NEW) Add quick-link icon to jump to document history folder.
* UI : (NEW) New option in system settings dialog to enable/disable 3rd party integrations such as form system support. If all disabled, FORMS tab will be hidden.
* UI : (NEW) Revise and tidy UI layout of "FORMS" tab with regard to saving/loading of forms to history folder.
* UI : (NEW) Double-click of "you have unpaid admin/liabilities" now takes you to "Pay a bill" browser rather than full list of all expenses.
* UI : (NEW) Check for postings where set as paid but cash account missing.
* UI : (NEW) Check for distributions where set as paid but beneficiary missing.
* UI : (NEW) Add drill-down method to warning screen to edit a posting.
* UI : (NEW) Add drill-down method to warning screen to carry out a search for a given value.


v5.15.11.1108 (1-Nov-2017)

* Search : (NEW) Allow direct launch of editor for a given search result entry (if editing is supported).
* System : (NEW) Add an info section where liabilities detected in estate that have paid value different to original value? (IE Estimates are present and corrective report needed).
* UI : (NEW) Add quick link to run liabilities corrective report from liability browser task panel.
* Core : Improve cxDBLookupCombos checks for blank strings.


v5.15.11.1105 (11-Oct-2017)

* Dev : Upgrade DevExpress core components to build v17.1.6.
* Documents : (NEW) New text links providing occupation of proving executor/administrator.
* FIX : When editing an asset, if "base value" is changed and "save" button immediately pressed (without leaving the "base value" edit box) the revised value was ignored.
* Optimise : Wrap Clipboard.Clear method when closing application in a try..except in case we're trying to close and another app has control of the clipboard.
* UI : (NEW) Add checkboxes to cash account browser to simplify view and selecting of accounts.
* UI : (NEW) If cash account browser opened and no account selected, ensure list of available accounts scrolls to display first record at the top.


v5.15.11.1100 (12-Sep-2017)

* FIX : Resolve issue where "over-distribution" message appeared but over distribution amount was < 0.01.


v5.15.11.1098 general-availability release. (11-Sep-2017)

* Dev : Upgrade DevExpress core components to build v16.2.9.
* FIX : Embed a hidden TPPQRLabel in Notes report to force correct formatting of pagenum label when rich-text used as part of notes.* Reports : Set PDF export engine to default to embed subset of TrueType fonts in an exported PDF of a report. 


v5.15.11.1092 release-candidate. (6-Sep-2017)

* Dev : Upgrade Gnostice eDocEngine tools to v5.0.0.289. (Used as part of report export to PDF/XLSX/DOCX/HTML).
* Optimise : Add more checks for where a report is being previewed but accidentally left open and another report started.


v5.15.11.1090 release-candidate. (9-Aug-2017)

* Core : Wrap release of aPreview in DlgPrintOrder in a try..except as if app is terminated whilst report preview still open then a minor AV was triggered (as aPreview had already been released).
* Forms : (NEW) Add ability to re-open a saved OLF (Oyez Legal Form) file. If the form is in supported PP formmap list it can be refilled as well e.g. with new/revised values.
* Forms : (NEW) Add ability to store recent forms (both PDF and OLF) to MRU list and open depending on form type.
* Forms : (NEW) Add drag-drop support of saved PDF or OLF documents onto the PP ribbon control in order to re-open the document.
* Documents : (NEW) Add drag-drop support of saved DOCX or DOC documents onto the PP ribbon control in order to re-open the document.
* UI : On click of recent form in MRU list, close the backstage view (if open).
* UI : (NEW) Add support for drag-drop of supported files onto the PP application icon to open the file via PP.
* UI : (NEW) document history folder (if used) can filter view by OLF/PDF forms if needed.
* UI : (NEW) document history folder (if used) understands which document types (PDF/OLF/DOC/DOCX) it needs to open via PP COM interface and which to let Windows handle itself.


v5.15.11.1080 release-candidate. (18-Jul-2017)

* Core : Use PPAppTerminating flag to switch off functions such as text linking when shutting app down.
* Dev : Disable detection of frozen main thread (was for debugging only).
* Documents : Don't try to update text links in MainForm.ApplicationActivate.
* UI : If attempt to save asset without a category whilst not on the "asset details" tab of the asset dialog, a warning "cannot focus a disabled or invisible window" would pop up.


v5.15.11.1078 release-candidate. (14-Jul-2017)

* Dev : Enable detection of frozen main thread (60 secs timeout) and show warning and/or generate bug report.

* FIX : If multiple reports accidentally previewed at same time, on close of last one an access violation triggered? LoadReportFromSavedQRP() should check for existing preview window first. Use DlgPrintOrder.PPReportInProgress boolean flag as needed.
* FIX : BrConnectedAddressees was not showing connected capacity of "creditor" when addressee used on multiple postings.

* Optimise : Don't try to inadvertently update status of text links when shutting application down. Use PPAppTerminating flag to test for this.
* Optimise : Check slow performance of TsysLinkBuilder.PopulateLinkTexts...switched to dedicated TAdsQuery component rather than using FindKey on a TAdsTable.
* Optimise : Don't attempt to update TSysSplash from TextLinksUpdate.Execute call (as might not be visible).
* Optimise : Set BrReportPreview to "Release" not "Free" on close.
* Optimise : Check for and remove duplicate calls to "EstateRefresh" after posting a new residuary beneficiary.
* Optimise : (NEW) Improve performance of addressbook releated Exists/Delete/SetAsUsedAs tasks (use a Qry rather than FindKey).

* System : If an addressee has been linked to cash account(s), add this connection type to the BrConnectedAddressees browser.

* UI : Add button to refresh document text links to the quick toolbar (top left of PP main window).


v5.15.11.1059 release-candidate. (3-Jul-2017)

* FIX : Icons in BrAssetBrowser pop-up menus were not displaying properly.
* FIX : "Add an asset..." action in BrAssetBrowser was not launching from pop-up menu.

* UI : Ensure correct blocking of Ctrl+Del shortcut in BrAssetBrowser transactions panel.
* UI : Ensure pop-up menu image lists assigned correctly to browser windows.


v5.15.11.1058 release-candidate. (20-Jun-2017)

* FIX : If text-link system is set to update fields in headers/footers and none present in the active Word document, the refresh of all other fields is not carried out even if option to update other fields is selected.
* Core : In PPSystemInitOK function if unknown exception encountered, re-raise the exception.
* Dev : Upgrade DevExpress core components to build v16.2.6


v5.15.11.1053 pre-release. (13-Jun-2017)

* UI : RepeatPostings tool could be accessed when no matter open in PP. Set to disabled when no active matter.

v5.15.11.1052 pre-release. (5-Jun-2017)

* Core : (NEW) Simplify database connection dialog and process. Only restart PP when DB settings changes made and committed.

v5.15.11.1050 pre-release. (31-May-2017)

* FIX : When using DlgDBSetup, list of connected users would not display properly in full ADS (client-server) mode.
* FIX : Length of narrative fields set to wrong display length (40 rather than 160 chars) in admin/liability expense editor window.
* FIX : Length of narrative field set to wrong display length (80 rather than 160 chars) in res ben distribution editor window.

* Optimise : Wrap debug/logging related sections in {$ifdef}{$endif} where possible.
* Optimise : Remove unused Timer1 component from MainForm.
* Optimise : Remove unused RzLaunch reference from MainForm and LinkBuilder. Use ShellExecute where possible.
* Optimise : ShowDiary.Execute was being called twice during application startup.
* Optimise : BrEstateSummary.DoCalculations.Execute was being called twice during application startup.
* Optimise : Change TPPLicenceManager.RefreshConnUsers() to use stored procedure not management API.

v5.15.11.1038 pre-release. (24-May-2017)

* FIX : If form support pack folder missing or empty, XML error could be displayed on search for supported form list.
* FIX : In asset browser, action to "print current report" actually triggered transfer of asset to legatee.

* Optimise : (NEW) Many performance boosts vs build #898. App startup 23% faster. Report generation 40-50% faster.
* Optimise : Main form, use Begin/End update when refreshing actions on the ribbon.
* Optimise : Remove embedded web-browser capabilities.
* Optimise : Remove references to unused units - dxSkin (various unused), dxHTTPRequest, PPWebBrowser.
* Optimise : Use JPG image rather than PNG in sysAboutBox.
* Optimise : Test for existing INDEXFIELDNAMES before setting INDEXFIELDNAMES...and only change if different (as can be slow).
> EdAddressBook, only switch index when using FindKey if INDEXFIELDNAMES not already set.
> PPFuncs.ApplyLiveMatterRange().
> Use custom function PP_SwitchIndex() where possible.
> Don't use IndexFieldName in PPCurrentMatter.RunGetAssetQuery() function. Use "ORDER BY" instead.
* Optimise : Don't attempt to record log entries unless SQLDebug is on in TPPCurrentMatter component.
* Optimise : Use BringToFront only if DlgRptProgress becomes hidden rather than on each message update change.
* Optimise : Income report was repeatedly looking up "get first income posting date" during report build, now just checks once at start of report run.

* UI : Correct naming of "IRIS Laserforms" to "Laserforms" where applicable.

v5.15.11.1018 pre-release. (11-May-2017)

* BUG : Filtering of non-zero cash account balances column graph in BrCashAccount browser could trigger access violation (failed conversion of Variant from string to double). Change to using dxMemData in-memory copy and filter that dataset directly instead.

* Optimise : Where " SELECT * " has been used, try to instead limit to actual fields needed.
>> PPCurrentMatter.GetMatterInfoRecord
>> PPCurrentMatter.GetRealisationSummary
>> PPCurrentMatter.GetCapacityOfConnectedAddressee
>> MainForm.OurFirmsAddressID
>> EdAsset.InitComboBox
>> EdAsset.InitDataSources


v5.15.11.1017 pre-release. (4-May-2017)

* BUG : Drop-down lists for executors in WizSetup and BrEstates wasn't respecting choice of incremental search options.

* Documents : (NEW) New text link that provides place of death.
* Documents : (NEW) New text link that provides place of birth.
* Documents : (NEW) New text link that provides addressee relationship to deceased/client.
* Documents : (NEW) New text link that provides addressee occupation.
* Documents : (NEW) New text link that provides total liabilities value.
* Documents : (NEW) New text link that provides deceased marital status.
* Documents : Improve ability to update fields in MS-Word headers and footers (both primary and first page) AFTER fill of document.
* Documents : (NEW) New pre-fill text link modifiers that extract first words or last word of link text : [STR_FIRSTWORDS] or [STR_LASTWORD].

* System : Add MEMO "Place of birth" and MEMO "Place of death" deceased information record.
* System : Add STRING(30) "relationship to deceased" to addressee record? E.g. Addressee Mr Jones is "brother" to deceased etc?
* System : Add STRING(30) "occupation" to addressee record? E.g. Addressee "Mr Jones" is a "company director".

* UI : (NEW) Add PlaceOfBirth and PlaceOfDeath memo fields to BrEstate.
* UI : (NEW) Add PlaceOfBirth and PlaceOfDeath memo fields to new page on estate setup wizard.
* UI : (NEW) Add Relationship and Occupation fields to addressee record editor (under "phone / internet / other" section).
* UI : In BrConnectedAddressees, bookmark the current record to hold position after edit/refresh if possible.

v5.15.11.1016 pre-release. (4-Apr-2017)

* BUG : Check for and handle COM server errors during "DisconnectAllClients" gracefully on closing PP application.
* BUG : Improve exception handling in "MatterFilter" function.
* BUG : "Add another bill for creditor" was not pre-populating the name of the creditor.
* BUG : Balance sheet report could hang in a loop when generating report if many non-zero cash tracking accounts caused a page break. Report is designed to fit on one page!

* Documents : (NEW) Add support for pre-fill calculations to be applied to text-link fields before the link text is sent to MS-Word. E.g. add 30 days to a given date. [INC_DAY], [INC_MONTH], [INC_YEAR]
* Documents : (NEW) Add ability to update fields in MS-Word headers and footers AFTER fill of document. E.g. where { REF xxx } field used to place PP link text into doc header.
* Documents : (NEW) New text link that provides total of a given asset category / tax-category using tag after text-link of [VAL_ASSET_CAT] or [VAL_ASSET_TAXCAT].

* Licencing : If any part of CloudLM login credentials missing, don't try to just login to CloudLM server regardless.

* UI : Add ribbon command to open system options for text-linking.
* UI : PECS order dialog contains timestamp of when unit stock last updated.
* UI : Change PECS "unit stock" wording to "xx units available" rather than "xx units remaining".
* UI : On pre-populate of a new posting, set active control to the next non-prepopulated control. E.g. "add another bill to creditor XYZ".
* UI : Rename "tax-category" to "tax/sub category".

v5.15.11.1012 pre-release. (17-Feb-2017)

* BUG : Ensure FreeBookmark() calls are always in try..finally where applicable. ( BrCashAccounts, BrLegacy, PPFuncs (MatterFilter) ).

* Core : Ensure cxLookupCombos popups are correctly initialised in the OnInitPopup method not the OnEnter method.

* Forms : (NEW) Add support for "IHT Nominated assets" to the list of tax categories for assets.

* UI : On date input validation failure, don't raise exception just pause input at the date field until cleared or corrected.
* UI : (NEW) Double-click on an entry in DlgChooseEvent selects the event (as opposed to having to click the OK button). E.g. when choosing source asset for income.

v5.15.11.1009 pre-release. (9-Feb-2017)

* BUG : Fix where cash account balance "line item" balance was displayed incorrectly for purchased assets when list sorted by non-posting order (e.g. by date or type).

* Core : Adjust JdsMiscUtils.SafeStrToFloat function to better cope with conversion errors.

* Dev : Upgrade DevExpress core components to build v16.2.3

* Licencing : When setting licence model to eval, don't show "please restart application" message.

* Optimise : If 3rd party form system closed and/or unresponsive when PP tries to close, ignore and allow PP to close rather than inform user of "RPC Server Unavailable".

* Reports : For demo estates, show an "Evaluation only" watermark on all reports. Restrict ExportQRP functions as well (with warning).
* Reports : (NEW) Add option to hide source asset tax category for "income-by-type" reports.

* System : Replace StrToFloat with SafeStrToFloat where applicable when testing for invalid or blank value entries such as in EdAssetApprop / EdAssetIncome etc.
* System : (NEW) Add ability to enable/disable the IHT sub-system. E.g. for regions where IHT / Estate Tax does not apply.
- NB perhaps if set to disabled PP could check if any IHT features have been used and notify user accordingly?
- Adjusted WizSetup, MainForm, ResBen form, Estate Summmary, Matters (list).
- Rename "Tax Category" references to "Tax / sub category" and on info page in asset setup.

* UI : Incremental search on/off option wasn't being respected in some dialogs that use the global address book.
* UI : Correct "hilight" typo in DlgSystemSettings.

v5.15.11.994 pre-release. (5-Dec-2016)

* BUG : EInOutError on startup if Document History folder locations is set to invalid location. e.g. rather than a real path, such as just "ABC\Test\Doc".
* BUG : Remove "use matter now YES/NO/OK" prompt after adding new matter. Should just be "YES/NO".
* BUG : Access violation triggered when calculating running balance on-screen in CashAccountBrowser when columns grouped or filtered. Revise how running balance calculated.
* BUG : "Asset setup" dialog ignored setting of incremental search performance option.

* Core : Add switch "/Disable_MadExcept" to optionally switch off custom exception handler.
* Core : Simplify the MadExcept exception handler dialog that appears when an error is detected.

* System : Change detection of "starting" date for income breakdown in ResBen browser to date of first income. If no first income, use date of first posting. If no first posting use today's date.

* UI : Ensure asset editor respects incremental lookup performance option for drop-down boxes where applicable.
* UI : Add core code to enable skinning of non DevExpress UI elements.

v5.15.11.989 pre-release. (30-Nov-2016)

* BUG : Values >= 1000 in EdPersAccTransaction caused eConvertError as commas are inserted in the calculations triggered on saving the posting.
* BUG : Adding a diary entry defaulted the deadline date to 31/12/1899 (equivalent to blank or "0" date), now sets the cxDate component to null when creating.
* BUG : PP DateRangePicker expected a 4 digit year so returned error when running report and date of posting uses 3 digit year date by accident e.g. year 216 rather than 2016.
* BUG : If form bundle builder has been used, then when then trying to send document to recipients (and no doc open). DlgCategoryChooser was showing entries from text file not SQL query.
* BUG : Assets report. If sub totalling of asset groups is enabled AND a page break occurs exactly at the sub-total "footer" then asset category header on the new page displays incorrectly.
* BUG : PPCurrentMatter.GetListOfFeeEarners procedure was returning extra blank fee earner entries. Only show DISTINCT NOT NULL values.
* BUG : When alternate row colours option selected, wasn't being applied to banded grid views (only grid views and tree views).

* Core : PPCurrentMatter component, revise IncomeTotal, IncomeAvailable, IncomeDebits to optionally only return value over a date range.
* Core : PPCurrentMatter component, revise Approp and Distribs to ResBen totals to optionally only return value over a date range.
* Core : Create custom exception for licence manager errors. EPPLMException class so that madExcept can filter as needed.
* Core : Create TPPcxTreeView component to handle navigation through DlgSystemSettings option TPageControl pages. Contents built from a TActionList of categorised actions.
* Core : Add code to support use of TcxDBLookupComboBox in PPFUNCS:BankNotFound() function.
* Core : Modify JdsMiscUtils procedure ApplyIncrementalSearchOptions() to cope with DevExpress ComboLookup components incremental searching option.
* Core : PercentageFill() function can now support TDBEdit or TcxDBTextEdit components.
* Core : (NEW) Adjust system startup process to detect /SETUP command switch or CTRL key down earlier in startup process of application to allow selection of alternate database location.
* Core : On successful connection to a data folder, don't show "connected" message box.
* Core : Ensure FormatSettings.CurrencyString used where needed (was just CurrencyString but now deprecated).

* Dev : Upgrade Gnostice eDocEngine tools to v5.0.0.95
* Dev : Upgrade ZipForge to v6.80
* Dev : Upgrade DropMaser to v2.4.6
* Dev : Upgrade DevExpress core components to build v16.1.6
* Dev : (NEW) Integrate madExcept error reporting and analysis into PPv5. Gives end-users ability to optionally submit detailed bug reports.
* Dev : Migrate away from Woll2Woll 1stclass and InfoPower components.

* Forms : Form mapping builder can copy and duplicate rows.

* Installers : Update EULA to reflect UK address of Law Systems Limited.
* Installers : Document pack installer need to be aware of registry "5.0" key for PPv5 as well as "3.0" for PPv3/PPv4?
* Installers : Investigate why PP COM server location not being updated in registry after running PPv5? CLASS_PP_Application code all seems same as PPv4...
- Can use "ComServer.UpdateRegistry( True );" in the PPComServer initialization section but this tries to write to HKLM and UAC will prevent. Ensure it's set during PPv5 install instead?

* International : Check for "CurrencyEdit" controls that are hard-coded to use "£" symbols.
* International : (NEW) Estate setup wizard can initialise a new matter with different internal cash accounts not just UK specific "client/office/deposit" accounts.

* Internet : (NEW) Force any in-application URLs to open in external browser (rather than embedded IE browser).

* Misc : Remove pre-populated address book items from the initial PP dataset as it's better for users to add as they go along from the outset rather than start with a mixed bag of out of date items.

* Optimise : (NEW) EXE footprint reduced from 46mb to ~32mb.
* Optimise : LEAK. When closing PP, disable updates of mxSideBar as potentially causing EAccessViolation on close.
* Optimise : LEAK. PPCurrentMatter - Move internally used TStringList to private section (was in var).
* Optimise : LEAK. Correctly free TFont on destory of TPPFormPanelSettings.
* Optimise : Handle EDatabaseError in PPFuncs GotoBookmark of MatterFilter method by ignoring (as bookmark target may have moved), otherwise raise exception...
* Optimise : LEAK. Multiple memory leaks in Quickreport components.
* Optimise : Move creation of temporary QRPrinter objects to ActionReportPart() in PPPrintingSystem rather than single MyQRPrinter in PrintBtnClick() handler.
* Optimise : Move TempReports.Free in PrintBtnClick() to finally section.
* Optimise : LEAK. Correctly free TConnectionPoints object in PPComServer destructor.
* Optimise : Remove unneeded "dxskin..." units where possible.
* Optimise : Set animation delay of display of backstage component to 0ms (was 500ms) - I.E. when clicking "FILE".
* Optimise : Carry out updates to MaxComponents and PPComponents ready for Delphi XE7 support.
* Optimise : Set GridMode = True for cxDBLookupCombos especially for cash account lookups from EVENTS.ADT table.
* Optimise : Migrate away from Woll2Woll InfoPower components.
* Optimise : Drop reference to Crypto unit as redundant.
* Optimise : Drop the aDataSet reference from PPFUNCS:BankNotFound() as redundant.

* Search / analysis : "Quick task" to view estates in Analysis window with unpaid bills was using "AND" not "OR" as operator.
* Search / analysis : (NEW) Add a "quick task" to display all postings in active matter, ordered by date.

* System : (NEW) Add breakdown of income and how it was distributed to the BrResBen screen e.g. for R185 / income from estates calculations.
* System : Modify DoDBSetup to force restart of application on database connection settings change if application has gone through full start-up phase.
* System : (NEW) Add warnings when attempting to delete legatees or residuary beneficiaries that linked postings will also be removed (e.g. appropriaton linked to res ben).
* System : Ensure that CheckCapitalShares routine is always run prior to generating distribution statements report.
* System : "File..Open" dialog can display a sub-set of fee earners depending on which ones are selected in header filter.

* UI : (NEW) maintain a list of recently run "report bundles" (used under File..Print and "Reports" tab).
* UI : Backstage view PRINT page allows open of a previously saved report (internal "QRP" format only).
* UI : Save layout of ResBen browser with percentage position of splitter panels.
* UI : (NEW) ResBen browser tasks now have income breakdown tasks.
* UI : Improve icon size and visibility in backstage view.
* UI : Update icons in TwizYesNo dialog and improve text readability.
* UI : Adjust "quick search" function in address book browser to be case insensitive and find text anywhere in name fields and hilight the search text.
* UI : Option to "show sub-totals" was missing from admin expenses browser.
* UI : Change task panel and splitter colours to match application theme.
* UI : (NEW) Revise "FILE..Open matter" dialog to allow easy searching and ordering of matters. Hilighting of quick filter text also enabled.
* UI : (NEW) Quick link to Windows Calculator on top toolbar.
* UI : Support different initial MainForm screen sizes depending on selected monitor size (when PP first used).
* UI : Icon applied to recent matters in "FILE" backstage view.
* UI : Tidy and align buttons and labels in "FILE" backstage view.
* UI : Ensure "view XLS/XLSX" selection in document archive browser is a radio item not just an action.
* UI : Set backstageview width to 200px in MainForm initialization section.
* UI : Ensure EdAssetIncome displays message if no income type selected on saving.
* UI : Revise layout and add paths to forms/docs/history folders to the "About" screen.
* UI : Addressbook wasn't correctly refreshing after delete / insert.

* PPHlpSync : Check method by which PP category sync tool detects active data folder location especially if user has upgraded from PPv4 to PPv5.
* PPUtils : Check method by which PP utils detects active data folder location especially if user has upgraded from PPv4 to PPv5. Similar issue to the "Installer" version detection issues?


v5.10.11.898 (6-Sep-2016)

  • Reports : Report preview handler updated to use same code as QR5 to carry out printer setup etc. prior to print from BrReportPreview.
  • Reports : Ensure selected printer (if changed from report preview) persists between report runs.
  • Reports : (NEW) Balance sheet - give option to show external accounts as "pending control".
  • Forms : Oyez v11.x has a a bug where it cannot cope with a blank string for an empty field via COM (v10.x of Oyez did not show this behaviour). PP form engine for Oyez adjusted to send Chr(0) "null" character instead. Oyez would crash after form fill or save.
  • Forms : If Oyez form system closed or crashes before Probate Plus closed then "RPC Server Unavailable" error may be shown and PPv5 cannot close.
  • BUG : IncomeReport2 not correctly zeroing income totals when page-break-on-year-change is enabled in report options.
  • BUG : IncomeReport2 correctly breaking grouping on change of income type ("by income rate" version of report unaffected).


v5.10.11.888 (4-Aug-2016)

  • BUG : Report engine print from preview screen was triggering access violation for some users.
  • Reports : Asset change in value report. Linked costs now datepaid ordered not just by posting order.
  • Analysis : Add deceased name details column(s) to analysis grids? Eg Surname, First, Title?


v5.10.11.883 (31-Jul-2016)

  • Reports : Assets report default sorting and filtering for costs linked to realisations set to date bill PAID rather than bill date. (DatePaid vs Dated).
  • Reports : (NEW) New option to enable/disable date ranging of assets on assets reports. Default = False, enabling will filter assets by "date added to system" entry for the asset. This means that for change-in-value reports postings can be limited by date range correctly.
  • Core : New index on EVENTS table to index on LinkedToEventNum and DatePaid - otherwise assets realised display order only in posting order...
  • Forms : If Laserform not open, warn user and offer chance to retry...
  • Forms : Adjust Laserform "bundle-builder" to show form names in bundle as a check-box list to enable sub-selecting forms in the bundle prior to building it.
  • BUG : Part-payment of expenses "cancel" button not working (entering a "0" does cancel, however).
  • BUG : Minor typo correction on hint on ribbon.
  • BUG : Income report (RptInc2) was not forcing new page correctly on tax-year change even though setting was enabled in system settings.
  • Search : Addressee was not showing for distribution, legacy, tax allocation, appropriation search results.
  • Search : Entitlement percentage was not showing for residuary beneficiaries search results.
  • Search : Disable "refresh" toolbar button in search window at there's alreday a "start search" button for this task.
  • Search : BETA feature "print seach results" view, default to landscape mode.
  • Analysis : BETA feature "print analysis results" view, default to landscape mode.
  • Analysis : Where "over a year" displayed as a date ageing summary, replace with "over 1 year" to aid sorting process.
  • UI : Adjust "Analysis" to "Practice Analysis".
  • UI : Make the display of recently used matter list a little clearer if top matter in the list is already open in PP.


v5.10.11.876 (28-Jun-2016)

  • System : When editing/paying a pecuniary legacy, display info about number of days after the date of death (as interest due on legacies paid after 1 year from DOD).
  • Performance : For admin exp, liabilities and legatees, incremental search of lookup-combo boxes can be slow (e.g. when adding an expense and lots of records to search through). New "performance" option to only use incremental searching-as-you-type if combo box is "dropped-down".
  • UI : Update OyezLegalForms related incons to closer match of Oyez logo.
  • UI : Correct reference to "forms menu", replace with "forms tab".
  • Forms : (NEW) New Laserform "bundle builder" function to assist with auto-building a form bundle in Laserform using "Add form" method. Uses a PFB file which is a simple list of form names in file (text file) located in PP form support pack folder.
  • Forms : New function IRISLFMFormsApplicationAvailable.
  • Forms : Rename function IRISLFMFormsPresent to IRISLFMFormsIsInstalled.
  • Forms : Only display "mapping file has changed do you want to save?" when calling ReadMappingFile method (such as during repeat form filling).
  • Dev : Upgrade core DevExpress components to build v15.2.6.
  • Textlinking : Review ConnectToWord method for connection and detection routines for Microsoft Word integration.
  • BUG : When generating new form support pack XML file, if description field blank then load of XML file failed with variant conversion error (null to string).
  • BUG : If textlinking "update doc after open" is enabled *AND* user does not already have Word open *AND* a doc is opened from within PP documents menu then PP may create 2 instances of Word, one of which is a "zombie" and PP then fails to connect to the requested document.


v5.10.11.868 (14-Jun-2016)

  • UI : Simplify description of some document integration tasks.
  • Integration : (NEW) Send of document pack letter as body of email to seleted recipients? Fill, remove links, copy text, select recipients, then create email body ready to send etc.
  • Reports : Report showing modified assets could not be run correctly (placeholder didn't link to report).
  • Search : Asset modification search results were not showing updated per item value (only updated quantities).
  • Integration : Ensure "ConnectToWord" is always tested before attempting connections to MS-Word (as perhaps MS-Word unavailable).


v5.10.11.865 (18-May-2016)

  • System : Ensure analysis charting responds to selected user if "All users" not chosen.
  • System : Remove BETA notices.
  • Reports : Add HTML exporting capability to report engine.
  • UI : Improve hilighting of balances in cash account browser to minimise blue-on-black (and so hard to read on screen).
  • UI : Increase space available to estate summary area of PP dashboard by moving the info/warnings panel to the right.
  • UI : Updated "File..Open" gallery view to display recent matters with extra information. One-click then swtiches to the recent matter.
  • System : Add a info/warnings check for postings where paid date entered but bank not set for bills.
  • Bug : Check logic of "save and add new" button on some edit forms to prevent rare case of posting with blank bank a/c in certain circumstances.
  • System : (NEW) Highlight any postings in cash browser with dates in future as per the "coloured background / italic text" style?


v5.10.11.863 (18-Apr-2016)

  • UI : Add date of death (if a deceased estate) to the application title bar.


v5.10.11.862 (15-Apr-2016)

  • Bug : Address book browser A-Z tabs were not responding to mouse clicks correctly.
  • UI : (NEW) Add "instant filtering" to top of address book browser when typing partial part of addressees name, with % wildcard at end of all filters automatically.
  • UI : Prevent hiding of ribbon control on search form.
  • UI : Improve hints, simplify and de-clutter search form ribbon control commands.
  • Reports : Adjust QRPrntr unit to scale drawing of report metafile if desktop is scaled other than 100%.
  • Reports : Adjust background border of report preview to be darker for higher contrast.
  • UI : Preserve chosen view and sorting order of "matter open" dialog. Eg by surname, NI number, ref etc...
  • Investigate : PPv5 trying to import PPv3 or PPv4 settings on fresh install where there are no "previous version" settings? Is installer or something creating old REGISTRY location and fooling PPv5? - PPHlpSnc applet was doing wrong version checks...fixed.
  • Bug : Aggregate query operator error with form filling.
  • Bug : Test for "DateFirstPosting" not working when no postings in matter (returns 31/12/1899?).
  • UI : Revert to nonDPIaware manifest (still allows user to select disabling of scaling on high DPI displays from Windows compatibility options).
  • UI : Update report preview to modern style.
  • Bug : Action to trigger export of view in liabilities browser was missing.


v5.10.11.842 (23-Mar-2016)

  • Analysis : (NEW) Add quick filter options for:
    • Non 100% entitlement matters.
    • Matters without any distributions.
    • Matters with unpaid legacies.
    • Matters with unpaid bills.
  • UI : Colour columns on cash balance chart view differently for each cash account.


v5.10.11.840 (16-Mar-2016)

  • Bug : Send of reports as PDF via MAPI not working? Outlook 2013, 2016...removed the SMTP: "prepend" to the email target.
  • Bug : Send of reports as PDF. All recipients as one is ok, but sending to multiple individual recipients not working.
  • Bug : Send of reports as PDF. If using Outlook.Application COM object then the PDF attachment not working correctly. Resolved.


v5.10.11.836 (10-Mar-2016)

  • Search : Default to wildcard "%" to search to all postings if search term is blank.
  • Search : Change wording to distinguish "filtering" from "searching". I.E. once a search for postings has completed you can further refine your results.
  • Search : Some quick-filters available (e.g. select a range of values and range of dates).
  • Search : New "Rate" column that holds tax rate used in income receipts.
  • Exporting : Ask to immediately open any browser view or report that is exported (eg PDF, DOC, XLSX, QRP etc).
  • UI : Dashboard now enabled by default for new installs of system.
  • Bug : When exporting search window results to Excel file, values were being shown as text fields.


v5.10.11.835  (7-Mar-2016)

  • Bug : CheckForIndexNamed() fuction in PPFuncs module was not correctly using PAnsiChar buffer. Only affected some Windows XP machines causing hang on start of application.


v5.10.11.833  (4-Mar-2016)

  • UI : Ensure "Open" tab of backstage control is selected by default when first using app.
  • Bug : Adjust "scalefactor" in system setup screen to alter report designer layout panel sizes on non 100% scaled displays.
  • Search : Task panel on BrSearchForm has action to show custom filtering dialog (e.g. for further filtering of search results).


v5.10.11.829  (3-Mar-2016)

  • Bug : EdPersAccTrans was not checking for blank beneficiary details rather than prompting for it.
  • Bug : Dialog in EdPersAccTrans was using hard-coded currency symbol not Windows CurrencyString.


v5.10.11.825  (1-Mar-2016)

  • UI : Date picker borders and fonts?
  • UI : Increase base font size of BrAssistant screens.
  • BUG : Apostrophe in asset category could break query for initial position report by categories.


v5.10.11.821  (26-Feb-2016)

  • Internet : Update URLs for support areas. Remove URLs to HRMC.
  • UI : Truncated words on DlgSystemSetup.
  • Bug : Dataset edit mode not automatically selected when clicking on date popup button.
  • Dev : Upgrade to v15.2.3 of DevExpress components.
  • Misc : Drop EditNotes and TwwNotesMemo popup dialog (replaced by dedicated notes editors).
  • Misc : Drop references to InfoPower components on TMainForm.


v5.10.11.815  (23-Feb-2016)

  • Forms : Ability for form filling builder to aggregate fields from various maps into a single map.
  • Forms : List of supported forms now shows file location and GUID references.
  • Forms : Wrap "fill active Oyez form" method to test for COM server availability.
  • Forms : Form filling Wizard can check for presence of Acrobat, Oyez and IRIS form engines.
  • System : New components - DMTextSource 2.2, Gnostice v3.x.
  • UI : Drop TStDialogPanel for Raize shell controls in WizFormFiller PDF selection page.
  • System : Added code to main.pas Initialisation section to correctly observe locale settings under Windows 7.
  • System : Migrate away from Simdesign XML parser in favour of built in TXMLDocument.
  • Function : Added ability to filter diary views by fee earner / user.
  • Forms : Message displayed on failure to find Oyez MASTLIBR.MDB.
  • Reports : (NEW) Report designer, font setting can be achieved by double click of report text element.
  • UI : (NEW) Re-skinned UI to use ribbon interface. Much simplified.
  • UI : MRU matters now in ribbon interface recent items.
  • UI : MRU list stored to registry only stores valid matter references (IE remove from MRU if switch to matter failed).
  • UI : WizEstateSetup reflects new branding.
  • System : ZIPForge / unzipping of RC embedded basic database files implemented.
  • Bug : fix where non-system-default selected printer was not remembered between print previews.
  • UI : Nonclientdrawing flag toggled on same of main form with ribbon control to preserve form position.
  • Database : MatterCreationDate field added to DECEASED.ADT
  • UI : Set "BestFitMaxWidths" to avoid multi-line or truncated date and value fields.
  • Function : Bill aging status shown in "pay an expense" browser (0,30,60,90,120+ days).
  • UI : (NEW) Move notes editor to dedicated browser window.
  • System : Implement new PECS update code system.
  • System : Register ZipForge.
  • Function : (NEW) Estate summary now shows assets purchased during administration total.
  • UI : Probate Plus today, renamed Probate Plus dashboard.
  • System : Implement new PECS unit code system (non-"W" number) and new encryption code seed.
  • UI : Remove SM references, helpdesk contact information etc.
  • System : Online version checking product code updated.
  • UI : New ICON and FAVICON, supporting all modern Windows icon sizing.
  • Forms : Oyez form support - if fieldname is blank, don't try to fill as causes exception in Oyez v10.x.
  • System : Method to check for change in value of assets on realisation also returns the amount of gain/loss.
  • System : Custom dialog to show a radio button list and output the index that was selected.
  • Reports : (NEW) Introduce filtering of change in value reports to show everything, only gain or only losses (choose with a dialog when running report).
  • Reports : Asset report change in value reports now no longer show empty asset category groups where no changes exist (in filtering range).
  • Word integration : Creating copy of Word doc for archiving preserves formatting with Word XP / 2010 etc.
  • Function : Check for duplicate entries in asset category list and offer ability to remove them (set ID of helperentry to negative of original rather than delete the entry).
  • Forms : Simplify dialog to choose Oyez forms to only show those supported in PP form support pack.
  • Function : List management shows list of matter references that have used asset types.
  • Function : Where user has inadvertently set a posting date in future and option to produce report per beneficiary selected then pass #2 onwards of report ignored the "future" posting.
  • Reports : Correct support export of reports to PDF where screen DPI is not 96ppi. Win Vista, 7 (and higher) etc.
  • Reports : Asset report "initial position" report not displaying all asset categories in some circumstances when category has mixed estate and non-estate assets.
  • Reports : Asset reports (other than full report) not displaying all assets in a category if some of the category was a mix of estate and non-estate assets.
  • Textlinking system : In case MS-Word is available but not visible (eg it's starting up), give it a bit of time to appear when filling doc as "fill after open" being missed on slow-opening MS-Word systems.
  • Function : (NEW) Connected addressees - show how they're connected (creditor, res ben, legatee etc).
  • Bug : Double spacing of Word docs when stripping formfield link text and converting to static with post Word 2007 ?
  • Function : (NEW) Where a transaction is dated in the future, display with different background colour in cash account browser.
  • System : Option to use/not use embedded browser in PP was not being respected.
  • Textlinking system : MRU list of documents was not triggering an optional automatic document update after open of document.
  • Word integration : Open MS-Word document dialog now includes DOCX as well as DOC and DOT files.
  • Reports : Reporting engine can optionally print to PDF from the preview screen rather than built-in print engine.
  • Function : (NEW) extra warnings if posting dates detected that lie outside a "reasonable" timeframe (50 years either side of Now or date of death). Eg where typo made on entering a date.
  • Word integration : If MS-Word not installed, don't trigger AV on start of PP. Try to create TWordApplication object at runtime not via component.
  • UI : Set Scaled=False for BrAssistant.
  • Reports Coversheet report - Allow justification of body text and setting indent postions.
  • System settings : Check if full justification and right-align both set and disallow if so.
  • Textlinking system : If text linking auto-update feature is enabled and MS-Word not available, give user option to disable auto-updates.
  • System : SavePPX routine to be update with new XML support code.
  • UI : EdBankAccounts edited description of internal/external accounts for clarity.
  • UI : Option to open report settings from ribbon.
  • Report : (NEW) Alter balance sheet report to show internal and external accounts differently.
  • UI : Report settings - give option to preview last report (or any report) to see changes made after tweaking report settings (eg margins, fonts etc).
  • System : (NEW) Add "export" method to all screens if possible to export view as XLS/HTML/XML file - Search, AdminExp, AddressBook, Cash accounts (both panes), ConnectedAddressees, MatterList, IHTPayments, Assets (both panes), Income debits, Legacies (both panes), Liabs, Unpaid expenses, ResBens (both panes)
  • System : Modify PPFormContainer to respond to "Export" commands to dump current view to XLS/HTML/XML etc?
  • UI : Open document dialog to list DOCX as well as DOC files?
  • UI : (NEW) Icon "traffic lights" to quickly show assets that do and don't have postings associated with them?
  • Report : Balance sheet report differentiates between internal and external cash available.
  • System : (NEW) Extra income types - "Pension fund income".
  • UI : Added ability to view and sort matters by NINumber field in DlgOpenMatter.
  • UI : Help..About now allows direct browsing to the APP or DATA folders for Probate Plus.
  • Textlinking system : Option to enable/disable full update of all fields in Word doc (eg FILLIN, FORMTEXT, FORMFIELD etc) after PP doc update.
  • UI : Data folder connection now radio item dialog if not set...
  • UI : Selected data folder shown on statusbar.
  • Reports : When using "re-run last report", if no report to re-run, default to the balance sheet report.
  • UI : Add option to group by fee earner column in "File..Matters (list)".
  • System : New function TPPCurrentMatter.TotalInternalCashAccountBalances.
  • System : New function TPPCurrentMatter.CountPostingsOfType.
  • System : Correct SQL for function TPPCurrentMatter.DateOfGrantReceipt to use reserved word [grant].
  • System : New function TPPCurrentMatter.DateLastDatabasePosting. Does not override with today's date unlike DateLastPosting...
  • UI : (NEW) New chart snapshot views on BrEstateInfo summary page, remembering panel layout positions...
  • UI : BrEstateInfo uses some constraints when resizing.
  • UI : Quick access "make a distribution" in BrCashAccounts.
  • BrCashAccounts - (NEW) new "quick views" to toggle date, reconciled sorting views, non zero-balances.
  • BrCashAccounts - barchart visualisation of accounts with non-zero balances.
  • Reports : Extra notes section and corresponding report (two tabs on notes editor?) - one internal notes report, one "external" for inclusion with accounts?
  • Function : (NEW) Implement "Analysis views" tab and reporting ? E.g. cash balance levels by matter, date of last posting, is reconciled yes/no ?

- Drill-down double click to find the item in more detail?
- Various analysis charts.
- Matters by fee earner, deceased, DOD, date of grant, probate value, non-zero cash a/c balances, total cash, last distribution date.
- List of unpaid bills across all estates, filtered by fee earner?
- "Practice Performance" detailing metrics such as DOD, estate values etc.

  • Function : (NEW) Implement search tool across active or all matters.

- MRU of recent searches, store in registry etc.
- Value ranging > = < <> etc.
- Live / archived / all matters.
- Specific fee earner (or all).
- Search some or all areas option (matters, postings, people, etc)
- Exporting of search results in XLS, XML or HMTL formats.
- Double click to find the posting.
- When grouped, count and % of total items are displayed.
- Ageing column for date fields showing days elapsed.
- Ability to limit search to a date range.
- Diary searching.
- Added various pre-configured "quick searches" available.

  • Function : Implement analysis and visualisation across matters for management roles.
  • UI : Add option to switch off prompt AND auto-add of items to re-use lists (descriptions etc).
  • UI : Move options relating to lists to the "list management" page of system settings.
  • UI : Option to diable PP calendar view completely on "Probate Plus dashboard" page.
  • UI : Address book "nickname" explained in even more detail.
  • UI : Show info/warning and some estate summary on the same "dashboard" screen. Perhaps also a more graphical snapshot layout of the estate.
  • Bug : NI number, not fee earner name was displaying in DlgOpenMatter sidebar.
  • UI : Revise "distributions assist" to show number of successful distributions made rather than total attempted.
  • Bug : When switching from matter with RBs to one with none, the list of RBs was still showing in DistributionsAssistant. inMemTable now cleared accordingly.
  • System : New function SilentAddExpense.
  • UI : Dates in cash account browser set in future are set with a grey background and italic text.
  • System : After add of new matter from DlgOpenMatter, be sure to refresh the list of matters.
  • Reports : Check reports correctly respecting font choice (report init now correctly assigns font setting).
  • UI : Revise BrEstateSummary to have quick-links to add assets, liabilities, postings etc?
  • UI : Move basic matter info on dashboard to info panel.
  • System : PP dashboard not updating cash balances after carrying out posting which affects cash such as entering and paying a bill.
  • UI : Dashboard now carries clone of BrEstateSummary view in a panel.
  • Reports : *NEW* Table of contents / index for a report set.
  • UI : Show DatePaid and Dated columns in expense browser screens.
  • PECS : Speed up system start process by only searching for licence manager when unit stock update actually needed...
  • UI : Remove "notes" page from BrEstates as was duplicated on dedicated notes section on ribbon toolbar.
  • System : Alternate row colouring now correctly set and affects all browsers / lists / grids.
  • System : LastUpdate field added to EstateValues record and also moved to PPCurrentMatter component.
  • System : BrEstateSummary - move DoCalculations to PPCurrentMatter component? Can then invoke extra instance(s) and use values in analysis.
  • UI : Correctly size spacing of task panel checkboxes and radio groups if large UI font selected.
  • Components : Upgrade to v14 of ExpressSuite.
  • UI : Replace MainForm show/hide taskpanel button with hotspot on splitter.
  • Bug : Cannot select DB setup when starting app using CTRL (Access Violation?).
  • Licencing : If dataset ID not registered to CloudLM account, offer to create email to
  • Licencing : Simplify process where dataset ID not registered to CloudLM account.
  • Function : Export of posting screens to XLSX format possible.
  • Function : Export of posting screens to CSV format possible.
  • UI : Cash browser, switch to cxGrid for postings list (rather than treeview - allows improved filtering, grouping, views etc).
  • Function : Easy view of reconciliation of cash in CashBrowser.
  • UI : Cash browser - reinstate colouring of future dated items now that we're no longer using treeview component.
  • UI : Cash browser not refreshing posting list when matter switched. Now displays a message prompting selction of cash account to view.
  • PECS : Change ReleaseNetHASPUser function to ReleaseAnyNetworkUserLocks...and release after any LM communications (with silent fail)...
  • PECS : (NEW) Implement internet based CloudLM system...
  • Ability to connect to CloudLM.
  • New DECEASED table column "ActivationGUID" char(50).
  • UI : Double-click "today bar" to show/hide task panel.
  • System : Clicking "cancel" on date range dialog abandons report if required.
  • UI : Maximise / minimise of task panel too hard to find? Dedicated button like in Office?
  • Analysis : Allow option to limit matters displayed by user / fee earner? Or, just run all matters then filter the end results.
  • Assistants : (NEW) Self contained dialog, assistant to help with multiple repeat postings. Eg having to repeatedly post weekly postings into a matter, why not get PP to do X postings for Y value automatically.
  • Performance : Connected addressees browser was slow to display?
  • Bug : Win8.x can't save user defined PRR file as tries to write to application folder. Changed to use MyDocuments instead...
  • Forms : Update code to check if Acrobat is present where Std/Pro may have been installed but then removed and Reader left.
  • Assistants : Check Probate assistant flowchart image for out of date information eg CTO...
  • UI : Improve prompt when adding reusable descriptions / text to lists.
  • UI : Icons for postings in legacy browser were missing.
  • System : Document archive quick view of doc, docx, xls, xlsx etc...
  • Reports : Report preview doesn't work if high DPI scaling / zooming is enabled and non 100% Windows font chosen.
  • System : "Specific legacy" renamed "specific bequest".
  • System : pFormContainer can set visual style on active form or a hidden sub-form.
  • System : When submitting online support query, spaces are converted to + symbol and submitted.
  • UI : Review text of all dialogs - aim for simplicity and easy of understanding?
  • UI : (NEW) New group of common report tasks under ribbon quick access toolbar.
  • UI : (NEW) Cash account browser, negative balances to be in red, zero balances in green.
  • UI : Fonts and styling is inconsistent across browsers, grids, dialogs etc. Especially with high DPI displays / high scaling percentages (Win 8.x / 10.x)
  • UI : EstateInfo screeen splitter positions / layout now remembered correctly.
  • Bug : When closing then reopening application, the MainForm size seems to shrink? Check LoadFormPos / SaveFormPos logic...
  • System : Replace ageing Adrock datetime components with DevExpress components...also means updating reports that use date ranging from/to settings.
  • System : AssetsBrowser, option to flag assets in asset browser according to status. By icon/colour?
  • UI : Remove A-Z and Z-A sort options as clicking column header achieves the same result.
  • UI : New group of common editing actions (add,edit,delete) etc on ribbon quick access toolbar.
  • System : (NEW) Part-payment of expenses. Option to split the expense and place the remainder into a new admin exp or liability.
  • Internal : Use new registry location for PPv5 settings. If PPv3 or PPv4 settings detected, offer to import entries.
  • System : Upgraded code to remove unused / duplicate list items - was not dealing with duplicate EventNums - would switch them off then on again...
  • Forms : (NEW) Upgrade form filling engine to support new versions of IRIS and Oyez form systems.
  • System : Rework restructure function on database initial connection and check encryption etc.
  • Performance : Optionally only recalculate certain sections (eg probate val + liabs) in the PPCurrentMatter.DoEstateValueCalculations method.
  • UI : Check for correct use of commas and decimal places (e.g. 5,000.00) throughout.
  • UI : Add "split expense" to PayBills browser screen.
  • UI : New date picking component wasn't defaultinf to today on quick click of date button?
  • Anslysis : Double-click on practice metrics wasn't opening selected matter reference.
  • Bug : Changing browser font always persists even if cancel pressed in DlgSystemSetup.
  • UI : Progress icon in asset browser confusing (Celia), green should probably mean fully dealt with etc... Now an optional setting under system settings, performance section, default = OFF.
  • UI : Option to use new "backstage" view or traditional "file menu" when clicking "File" on ribbon.
  • Reports : (NEW) Company logo option for coversheet report.


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