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Adding legatees to an estate (PPv5)

HOW : 'Estate...Add legatee' (from task panel)

Use the above method to add a legatee to the matter. All this method does is to identify an addressee as a legatee. 

To go further and enter details of a pecuniary or specific legacy, see below.

Pecuniary legacies.

Where a legatee is left a monetary gift. To record details of the pecuniary legacy first add details of the legatee in the legatee browser then right-click the legatee and add a pecuniary legacy to the legatee. Finally, pay the legacy out of cash reserves as funds allow.

Specific legacies.

Where a specific asset has been left to a legatee. To record details of the specific legacy, first be sure to record details of the asset in question, then add the legatee and finally transfer the asset to the legatee.

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