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Recording expenses (during administration) (PPv5)

HOW : 'Estate...Admin expenses'. Then either click on the link in the task panel or right click in the main window and choose 'Add an admin expense'.

Allows you to add / edit expenses incurred during administration.

Admin. expense properties explained.


Choose (or type in) the creditor for this expense (who the money is owing to). If the name of the creditor has not been entered before, you'll be asked if you want to add them to the address book.


Enter a description for the expense. E.g. ‘Commission on Sale’.

Bill dated

Enter the date that this expense is entered. This can be the date on the bill.


Enter the value of the expense.

Date paid

Enter the date that the administration expense was paid.

From account

Select the cash account from which the expense was paid.


Put a mark in the checkbox to mark this posting as reconciled - i.e. agrees with your internal office accounts system.

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