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New features introduced with the launch of Probate Plus v5

  1. Fresh new modern ‘look’, with more intuitive navigation, along the lines of familiar Microsoft Office products. Helping to improve work efficiency and ease of adoption by new users.

  2. New visualisation screens, generating easily understood snapshot illustrations of an estate’s interim position.

  3. New tools to analyse your firm’s probate caseload, both current and historical. Giving users and practice managers the ability to peer-review performance and an insight into, for example, the level of cash managed by the firm and exposure to risk at any given time, the average complexity of estates taken on, time frames of administrations, etc. If desired, all data can then be exported into, for instance, an Excel spreadsheet. The variety of practice-wide metrics which can be produced should generate invaluable feedback for compliance purposes.

  4. Improved search facilities, to track down data across individual or collective estates. Useful if you’re searching for a transaction description, contact or figure. Search results can then be grouped and sorted further if required, as well exported.

  5. A dedicated ‘dashboard’ home page, with an estate summary, reminders, diary area and cash account bar charts for ease of reference.

  6. New option to restrict diary view to individual user if preferred. Or to switch off completely.

  7. Option to incorporate your firm’s logo into the estate accounts’ coversheet.

  8. An auto-generated contents page for reports now available.

  9. Additional export options, enabling exporting of posting screens (such as cash accounts, asset listings, etc.) into XLSX, CSV and HTML formats.

  10. An extra ‘notes’ page, giving flexibility to use both or either for internal, or external, purposes.

  11. New feature enabling posting of part-payments for expenses.

  12. A new option to run ‘change in value’ reports filtered by losses or gains.

  13. A new report to summarise 'modified assets'

  14. Date of death shown at top of screen for easy reference.

  15. For legacies, number of days since death shown on payment screen - in case interest needed to be added.

  16. Visual warnings of potential data entry errors (e.g. if you’ve posted a transaction dated in the future).

  17. Streamlined and improved Help documentation.

  18. Option to automatically post contents of Word document into email. 

  19. Function to enter admin expenses or liabilities as 'repeat postings' in a date range (e.g. regular direct debits coming out of a bank account)

Want to use Version 5?

If you would like to upgrade to Version 5 now, please go to the Downloads area of our website and click on the link. You can run it in tandem with Version 4 for a while if you wish to and share a data folder so you can view your existing matters.

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