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Reports are not fitting the screen or printing properly (PPv4)

New advances in the way more recent versions of Windows can be adjusted to work with newer, higher resolution screens, can lead to fonts appearing 'odd' and reports not fitting to page when you ask them to print. 

Please note that these issues have largely been resolved in PPv5.

In v4, please check the following:

1. Check your PC's display settings and see if they are set at anything other than 100%.

2. If you do not want to change your Windows font sizing back to 100%, and you have a high DPI display, then you can try disabling 'display scaling'. This is done by right clicking on the PPv4 application icon and choosing 'Properties' and 'Compatibility' and ticking the box to 'Disable display scaling on high DPI settings'.   

3. If the above still does not help, there are workarounds such as adjusting your monitor resolution so that the application displays smaller on your screen, or - in the case of reports not printing correctly - saving a report as a PDF and opening and printing it from within Acrobat which will automatically fit the text to the page correctly. 


N.B. This issue is related to high DPI displays and not report layouts. To adjust margins and fonts,etc. see this article.

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