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What to do when upgrading your PC

What to do if you have been using Probate Plus, but now want to move it to a new computer, because you've upgraded or moved offices.

1. Make sure you have a backup of your data folder if it is in a location which is being replaced. You can check where this currently is by looking under 'Help...About' and noting the 'Path to data'.

2. Note where your other file locations for form filling, document production and document history are currently stored so that you can move them if necessary, or point your new installation at them.

In PPv4 look under 'Options...Configure system...Files...File locations'. In v5, go to 'File...Options...Configure system...Files...File locations'.

3. Download Probate Plus to your new PC using the links in the download section of our website at  
Contact us if you need a reminder of your installation password.

4. Point the new installation at the data folder and other file locations mentioned in point 2 above.

5. Connect your new installation of PP to your PECS store of units (on a HASP or in a CloudLM account). In PPv4 go to 'Options...Registration details'. In v5 go to 'File...Registration details'.

If the HASP was connected to your old PC then it must be moved to the new one or somewhere else in a shared location (N.B. It is preferable to have the HASP in an 'always on' location reached by all users, but this is not essential as it only needs to be accessible on the network when someone wants to start a new estate and use up a unit).

You may also need to reinstall the HASP licence manager. More details on installing a HASP and connecting users to it can be found here:  

If you are on the old system of storing units on a HASP and would prefer to move over to our Cloud based store of units, just let us know. There is no charge for this switch-over.

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