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Upgrading to V5 from V4

Upgrading to Version 5 of Probate Plus is free of charge to existing users.

If you already use Version 4 and wish to upgrade to Version 5, please follow these instructions:

N.B. If you have an ADS licence to provision your software to users (e.g. if it is placed in a terminal services environment) you should first check that you have a compatible licence, which should be ADS Version 10 or above. 

1. Check you have a recent backup of your data folder. You can locate this in v4 by looking under 'Options...Configure database'. 

2. Download v5 from the downloads page of our website

3. Run the application. If prompted for a password, please contact to be issued with one.

4. The installation process should prompt you to connect v5 to your existing data folder, document pack, document history folder and form-filling add-on if you already use these.

5. It should also automatically remember your settings for connection to your PECS units (which will be on either a HASP dongle or in a CloudLM store)



Please note that you can run v4 and v5 in tandem for a while if you wish to. 

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