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CloudLM 6610 error (did not respond in a timely manner)

If Probate Plus on your PC is having difficulty reaching the CloudLM licensing service you may see error 6610. In almost all cases this is due to a firewall blocking traffic to the CloudLM service.

The CloudLM service operates over TCP & UDP port 6260.


1. FIREWALL: If you have a firewall in place that is blocking port 6260 on these protocols then you may get a communication failure with the CloudLM server and the 6610 error will display.

Your IT department will be able to check whether the firewall is blocking this port.

NB: If your firewall is adjusted to allow traffic then be sure to restart Probate Plus so that any cached connection to the CloudLM server is refreshed.


2. NETWORK PROTOCOL: It is possible that even though your firewall is allowing traffic, a UDP connection is unable to be established and a 6610 error will be triggered. In this case, you can force TCP communication by creating a file called ADS.INI in the same folder as the Probate Plus application (prowin32.exe) with the following lines:



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