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Where does Probate Plus store data?

Probate Plus does not store any of your client/matter data on storage hosted by Law Systems Limited. Probate Plus uses your IT infrastructure (e.g. local hard drive storage on a stand-alone PC or storage on a networked file server). Your firm and your IT department have control of, and responsibility for, the location and security of the Probate Plus data folder.

In light of changes in 2018 to EU data protection regulations ( GDPR ), we're often asked if we host any data:

The only internet-hosted service we provide is our pay-as-you-go licensing service called “CloudLM”. CloudLM manages your stock of pay-as-you-go units, when units were ordered, when they were used etc., but does not relate to day-to-day accounting postings that you may record in Probate Plus.

Additionally, Probate Plus v5 has powerful search and analysis tools that allow you to quickly find postings relating to an individual connected with a matter. Given that matters may be active for a number of years and the information held may need to be accessible for a long time, Probate Plus can “archive” a matter when it’s initially completed but there’s no automatic option to delete postings. This is by design as matters are often reviewed long after being initially completed.

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