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How do I manage the lists of asset categories, asset descriptions and expense descriptions?

Probate Plus can prompt you to save descriptions of postings which you may want to re-use, on your current or future estates. e.g. descriptions of assets or expenses. This feature can be switched off in the settings (under 'FILE...Options...Configure system...Lists...List management') but it is a useful time saving tool, when used correctly.

Over time, you may find that you or colleagues have inadvertently saved unnecessary items to these lists e.g. duplicate descriptions or misspelt entries. In which case you may wish to do some housekeeping to clear out those no longer needed. 


How do I add entries to the lists manually?

If your settings allow, you will be prompted to add new list categories or descriptions, if you type one in when posting an asset or expense. However, this setting can be switched off to avoid unnecessary additions (see bottom of this article for instructions).

New asset or expense description entries can also be added individually via the screen under 'FILE...Options...Configure system...Lists...List management'. Just go to the relevant area of this screen and use the insert key on your keyboard to add new entries.


How do I remove individual unwanted list entries?

1. Go to 'FILE...Options...Configure system...Lists...List management'

2. Choose the list you want to view (note that some like 'Asset tax-categories are not editable, by design).

3. Edit the spelling or delete individual entries as you wish.


How do I bulk delete unwanted list entries?

1. Make sure you have a recent backup of your Probate Plus data folder before you start.

2. Delete items which have only ever been used once (or never) by going to 'FILE...Options...Configure system...Lists...Remove unused' and choosing 'Click here to check the list entries'.

2. Review the list which is generated on screen and click on the 'Remove entries' button.

Note that the descriptions or categories you have asked the system to remove will still, however, appear on existing estates where used.


Best practice notes: 

Going forward, try to have a policy of only saving descriptions and categories if you are going to be using them again. In larger firms you might assign one member of staff to have control over adding and removing these list entries.

You can switch off the ability for some users to add new items by going into 'FILE...Options...Configure system...Lists...List management' and unticking the box 'Add items to a list when item not found'.

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