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ProBATE software by Selden Integrated Systems (USA)

From time to time we're asked if we're anything to do with an old USA based product called "ProBATE Software".

Our software "Probate Plus" is not the product that was produced by Colorado based Selden Integrated Systems, just that they share similar(ish) names. At time of writing we can't find any active support resources for the Selden Integrated Systems ProBATE software, with the only record that they sold their estate software division in 2004, changed company name around 2007 to "The ShareVantage" and then to "Portalsxpress" in 2011.

Probate Plus is produced for the UK legal and estate administration professions by Law Systems Limited, a UK based software company. We were founded in 1992 and are still very much active and continuing to develop our software and provide support to our users today.

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