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Probate Plus v5 - updates pending formal release

For users that are using the latest pre-release of Probate Plus v5, here are the current changes and updates. Once the testing is over we'll move the features into the general availability release.

If you're interested in joining the pre-release user group just contact us via 

To all members of the pre-release user group, thank you for all your feedback, reports, suggestions, requests and information. We work hard to keep improving Probate Plus but need your feedback to do so.

[ Pre-release updates as at Nov 2021 ]

  • Core : Add IsDirWriteable() tests for access to data folder at startup. Also used to enhance various DirectoryExists() function calls.
  • Core : Add new boolean to asset info record of "HasLinkedLiabilities".

  • Dev : Upgrade core DX components to build v21.x.

  • FIX : Estate capital summary minor vertical alignment adjustments to some numeric values to match other reports.
  • FIX : When exiting notes/extra notes browser, if notes section has no text, clear out any RTF code that might still be lurking.
  • FIX : Scroll tracking in BrAssistants wasn't enabled for all pages.
  • FIX : Report "Assets with linked liabilities" was showing all assets in category even if only one asset had linked liabilities.

  • Integration : Begin adding core code to interact with external data providers and web services (e.g. forms / data feeds ).

  • Optimise : Use a try..except in PPFuncs.AllTables() to fail silently if a table no longer exists in the Components[] array. Occasional AVs reported in bugreports.

  • Reports : (NEW) Implement an "Auto Report Bundle Builder" wizard that builds a recommended set of accounts (and perhaps applys a preset style).
    • Adjust PPReports array in PPTypes to include concept of ranking reports as well as a minimum requirement in order to run report. E.g. if no assets in estate, don't try to run the assets reports!
    • Create function to scan estate and build a set of TEstateAttributes.
    • Grab all reports where Show = True then rank by storyRank then only pick those that have a set of rptNeeds that intersect with the set of estate attributes.
    • Add concept of "overview / taxation / non-financial / interim / final / internal" etc. classes of reports and allow user to use wizard to build a set by overall class of report and estate attributes.
    • Where storyRanks are the same, user has option to include some or all of those reports.

  • System : (NEW) Implement "cash targets" for cash tracking accounts. Useful as part of reconciliation to record the real-world balance of a cash tracker and see at a glance how far off the target balance the cash tracker is.


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