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Probate Plus v5 - updates pending formal release

For users that are using the latest pre-release of Probate Plus v5, here are the current changes and updates. Once the testing is over we'll move the features into the general availability release.

If you're interested in joining the pre-release user group just contact us via 

To all members of the pre-release user group, thank you for all your feedback, reports, suggestions, requests and information. We work hard to keep improving Probate Plus but need your feedback to do so!


What's new / updated / fixed ?


* Documents : (NEW) Overhaul MS-Word document and application connection methods to deal with hidden and multiple instances of MS-Word.
* Documents : (NEW) Add ability to select the MS-Word document to communicate with when multiple documents are open (e.g. "fill doc" when multiple are open, PP asks "which one?").
* Documents : (NEW) Option to bring Word to front when PP is used to open a Word document (default = yes).


* FIX : Reports - Ensure "left aligned" report items respect left margin position on [estate summary], [estate overview], [accrued income] and [balance sheet] reports when left margin set to small width.
* FIX : Laserform - where a previously saved LFM (XFD) is re-opened and re-filled, sometimes "save to document history" would not execute. Changed to use ActiveDocument.SaveAs() method rather than CurrentRingFormDocument.SaveAs().
* FIX : Laserform - add IRISLFM_COMConnected when calling IRISLFMFormsHasActiveDocument() method in case LFM object has not been initialised.
* FIX : If switching between an active matter and new but un-activated matter, ensure ClearMatterNames() called so that toolbars disable certain elements correctly.
* FIX : Title of "Dr" was missing from drop-down list in estate matter list browser. Free-typing of the title was possible, however.


* Optimise : When first opening main form and last top/left position is used do a sanity check that the form isn't going to be positioned outside the current monitor viewport. If so, open at top-left?


* UI : (NEW) Split path and filename in MRU document list under "FILE..Documents" for easier viewing.


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