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Changing ADS database server license details (e.g. user count expansion)

If you have purchased and installed the client-server module for Probate Plus you may need to apply or update your Advantage Database Server (ADS) license details.

N.B. If you've been using an evaluation install of ADS and the evaluation period has expired you'll see error 7046 : Evaluation period expired. You can use the steps in this article to apply your full licence code.

The example below is for ADS v11.x. Your ADS version number may be slightly different but the process is broadly the same.

Before changing licence details on the server that hosts the ADS, ensure that any users have closed Probate Plus on their PCs.

Steps to apply licence codes...

1. Browse to the ADS install folder on the machine that hosts the Probate Plus data folder and locate the utility called adsstamp.exe, double-click to run the utility.



2. The ADS Stamp Utility will appear. Click the "License" button.



3. Supply details of your license, generally Probate Plus installations only use "serial number" and "validation code". Click "Next" then close the utility and your new licence should be active.


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