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Why can I only see one estate in my list of matters?

If you can only see the dummy 'Bloggs' matter when you try to open an existing estate, and you have previously been able to see more, then you may have inadvertently disconnected Probate Plus from your data folder and it may have created another one with just the dummy one in it.

1. Check the connection path to your data folder by going to 'File...Options...Configure database connection'. Is this your usual data folder? If not, can you browse to the correct one? If colleagues can see different matters to yourself, what data path is shown in this location on their Probate Plus installation? Match their file path and reconnect your own version.

2. Check that your network connection is not down. If you store your usual data folder in a location which also has other (non-Probate Plus) files on it, can you open any of those other files? If not then you need to investigate why the connection is broken and seek help from your IT support if you can't rectify it yourself.

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