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Database error 7200 / 7010

Error 7200 can be triggered in a number of ways...

NB : "7200" refers to a generic "something went wrong when connecting to the Probate Plus data folder"


1. Multiple versions of Probate Plus installed on your PC and you're inadvertently running an old version.

If you're running Windows 7 or higher, check where your Probate Plus shortcut is pointing to. It may be that Probate Plus has been installed into both "Program Files (x86)" and "Program Files" folders, with an old version still in the "Program Files" folder. If this copy of Probate Plus is being run it may trigger the 7200 error. Ensure your shortcut points to the most recent edition of Probate Plus and if multiple install folders have been used, remove the old version folder.

How to check what the latest version number of Probate Plus is :


2. Problem with Advantage Server File Read. Your database index files may need to be rebuilt.

What to do : From a Probate Plus workstation, download and run the Probate Plus database utilities.

Run the utility and press the "rebuild index" button, your index files will be rebuilt. Make sure Probate Plus is not in use on any workstations when the utility is run.


3. Some or all of Probate Plus data folder contents set to read-only or user has insufficient permissions.

If operating Probate Plus in non client-server mode (IE the default peer-to-peer installation of Probate Plus), double check that the files in your data folder have read/write access for the users of Probate Plus. A quick test is to try to rename the PP_ADS.INI file to PP_ADS.OLD and then back to PP_ADS.INI, if the operation fails then it's likely a permissions or rights issue causing the 7200 error.

If operating in full client-server mode (where you have an Advantage Database Server [ADS] installed), then the ADS handles access to the data folder on behalf of the Probate Plus user and so this note should no apply.


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