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Error 6420 "Unable to discover Advantage Database Server"

Error 6420 signifies that Probate Plus has been set to operate in full client-server mode but that the database server software cannot be found on the remote machine (usually the machine that hosts the Probate Plus data folder) or that there is a communication problem between the client PCs and the ADS host server.

Double check that :

  1. You have purchased and installed the optional remote database server, called "Advantage Database Server".
  2. You have not inadvertently set Probate Plus to operate in "remote" mode when in fact it should be using "local" mode. "Remote" mode requires the use of dedicated, paid-for database server software running on your server machine. "Local" mode is free and operates on a peer-to-peer basis. The "local mode" database engine ships with Probate Plus.
  3. A firewall is not blocking access to the server hosting the Advantage Database Server on port 6262 TCP/UDP.
  4. If the client or server machines have multiple IP addresses (or NICs), ensure that if an ADS.INI is used that the correct IP address is specified.
  5. The ADS service is running correctly on the server that hosts the Probate Plus data folder. If the Advantage Database Server configuration utility reports that the service is running but that no database operations have been carried out it may be worth restarting the ADS service as sometimes an automated overnight server reboot has been seen to put the ADS service into a dormant / hung state.
  6. You may require the use of an ADS.INI file to fine tune how Probate Plus interacts with your network such as if the ADS server is not on the same subnet, or to assist the discovery process of the server. E.g. you are connecting via VPN. Create a file called ADS.INI and place in the same folder as the Probate Plus executable.

    Detailed article on use of ADS.INI here:

Below is an example ADS.INI content where the server that hosts the Probate Plus data folder and ADS is called MYFILESVR and has an IP address of

The ADS.INI file tells Probate Plus to bypass the automatic network "discovery" process that is used when Probate Plus starts up.


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