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Build standard documents with Probate Plus (using my own Word document)?

It's often assumed that constructing merged documents (where Probate Plus inserts information from the current matter into a standard document) is hard to do. Far from it! 

Probate Plus provides you with around 180 template letters but Probate Plus can help customise and merge information into your existing letters or ones you might choose to create from scratch.

If you can open a Word document then you can quickly build Probate Plus "text links" into it.

Here's how...

  1. Open the Word document.
  2. In Probate Plus, click 'Documents..Wordprocessor text-link builder' (a window will appear that lists all the links available.
  3. Either drag a link from the "link builder" and drop it into your Word document, or, position the cursor in your Word document where you'd like the link to appear and click on the item in the "link builder" (the link will be automatically inserted into your Word documents).

That's it - you've created a Word document containing links from Probate Plus.


Click on this article for more advice on your saving options for documents created in Probate Plus.

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