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Form filling - troubleshooting (PPv5)

Probate Plus can communicate with three different form filling systems :

  1. Adobe Acrobat (Standard or Professional versions - not the free Acrobat Reader).
  2. Laserforms (Advanced Legal - previously IRIS).
  3. Oyez Legal Forms.

In order to communicate with the forms, Probate Plus uses "go between" files in order to map the fields in the various vendors forms to data stored inside Probate Plus. These files are held in the Probate Plus form support folder. This folder location can be local on your PC or a central shared location.

Most issues with form filling are resolved by ensuring that the following checks have been made :

  1. Check that your form software is correctly installed (N.B. Article if you're seeing "unable to connect" errors).
  2. Your Probate Plus version is up to date. Check for updates via the "HELP..Check for product updates" menu.
  3. Check Probate Plus is pointing at your form support folder. See "HELP..About" for folder locations that have been set and check that the form support folder is reachable.
  4. Check you have the latest form support pack installed.
  5. Check the form library from your vendor is up to date.



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