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Auto-completion of contacts when entering expenses or legatees slows system (PPv5)

Probate Plus automatically finds and matches existing contacts from your address book (as well as descriptions and other reusable entries) when you start typing an entry into the posting screen for a transaction.

If you find that this is slowing your workflow down (if you have a lot of contact records which PP needs to search through) you can turn this function off by doing the following:

1. Go to ‘File…Options…Configure system…Performance options

2. Untick the checkbox shown in the image below marked 'Enable incremental search-as-you-type for lookup fields?'

After doing this, when you start typing in a contact or description field (e.g. a creditor when entering an expense) it will not browse the address book for suggestions.

NOTE: To override this behaviour (without going back in and changing the general settings as above), you can simply click on the drop down button to the right of an input field. Then when you start typing the system will try and match your typing to an existing entry (example highlighted below).

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