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Using an external firm to extract the oath

If you sometimes, or always, generate an executors oath on behalf of another firm of solicitors or accredited accountant, you can still use Probate Plus to help build the document.

In order to make our system as flexible as possible, we have created some additional example documents which you could use in these particular cases.

Three Scenarios

1. In the standard template, your firm's name and address details will be filled at the top of the oath as in the image below.


2. Where you may produce oaths extracted by more than one firm on a regular, or intermittent, basis.

  • Download and open the attached document.
  • Ensure the extracting firm's details is in the Probate Plus address book by adding them as a connected addressee.
  • Highlight their name in the 'Connected Addresses' browser.
  • Go to 'Documents...Update fields in active Word document'


3. Where you always produce oaths extracted by the same firm.

  • Download and open this attached document.
  • Change the address to the extracting firm's address details and save.
  • Go to 'Documents...Update fields in active Word document' to fill in the rest of the oath.



Note that these documents are designed as a starting point. Further manual edits to the wording may be required, depending on the details of any particular estate. The possible variations are too numerous to provide templates for every scenario.

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