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Error 262 returned when applying ADS licence codes with adsstamp utility

Problem Description:
When using adsstamp.exe to change existing installed Advantage Database Server product information such as the serial number and validation code, the adsstamp utility exits with an error code 262.
When Advantage Database Server v12.x is initially installed it comes with an evaluation licence allowing you a grace period in which to apply your purchased licence codes.
Solution 1:
Stop the Advantage Database Server service on the server, then re-run adsstamp.exe.
Solution 2:
If the Advantage Database Service was stopped and the error continues to be returned the error can be resolved by the following procedure:
  1. Navigate to the Advantage Database Server installation folder.
  2. Copy the ads.exe , adsstamp.exe and nt_inst.dll to a temporary location.
  3. Rename the ads.exe to ads.old in the installation directory.
  4. Go to the temporary location from step 1 and run adsstamp.exe.
  5. Enter the new licence code information.
  6. Copy ads.exe from temporary location back to the installation directory.
  7. Start the service and verify the licence has been applied using the ADS Config Utility.


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