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Probate Plus icon is on taskbar, but main window doesn't appear on-screen?

Sometimes a desktop size change or monitor reconfiguration can confuse the available height and width of the Windows desktop so that applications try to open in their "last" position which is now "off-screen".

If the Probate Plus splash screen and task bar icon both appear but not the main application window then it's possible to force Probate Plus to open back at the top-left position of the main desktop with a quick registry edit.

IT level task - Examine the following registry key:

Computer\HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Law Systems Limited\Probate Plus\5.0\FormPositions

  • Close Probate Plus
  • Carefully use regedit to make sure that TMainFormTop and TMainFormLeft are both set to 0
  • Finally, start Probate Plus.

The main application window will now be told to open at the top-left of your desktop.


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